Moldable Packaging offers foam-like protection.

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Able to conform to any product shape, PAD LOC® protects products that require additional cushioning due to weight, size, value, or irregular shape. Supplied in ready-to-use pads, product offers surface protection with no abrasion or scratching. Pads can be used as end caps, for blocking and bracing, as moldable cushions, and for wrapping and stuffing. Reusable product is offered in 3 standard sizes, optional printing and custom sizes also available.

Original Press Release:

New PAD LOC® - Protects Like Foam at a Fraction of the Price

Cincinnati, OH - Storopack, Inc. introduces PAD LOC® moldable protective packaging, which provides superior cushioning (as measured by drop-test data) to traditional foam inserts. PAD LOC® conforms to the shape of any product - even irregular and hard to package items. Convenient and easy to use, PAD LOC® makes is simple for companies to protect those products that require additional cushioning due to their weight, size, value or irregular shape. It is an ideal cushioning for computer monitors, power tools, electronic items, and machined parts, as well as fragile items like gift baskets, ceramics, glass, furniture and more.

Though individual results vary with the application, PAD LOC® is proving to be a far more economical alternative to Foam-in-Place, die-cut foam, and Urethane inserts. "The cost savings are significant," comments Product manager Steve Sobel. "We have customers who have replaced $35 worth of foam with a $5 pad."

Ready to use pads are available from stock, so no special machinery is required. Convenient, easy to use pads eliminate the cost and storage of component materials required for foam-in-place products, which further enhances the per-use cost advantages of PAD LOC® pads. It is virtually impossible to use more pads than are required, so usage is automatically controlled, further curtailing costs.

PAD LOC® offers surface protection with no abrasion or scratching. Pads can be used as end caps, for blocking and bracing, and as moldable cushions for wrapping and stuffing. Strong, durable PAD LOC® pads can be reused over and over. Three standard sizes are available - custom sized pads and custom printing are also offered. Fast, easy to use, PAD LOC® pads requires virtually no operator training.

Automated handling systems allow rapid deployment of PAD LOC® pads to individual packing stations, Speedline systems, and movable carts.

Overhead storage of PAD LOC® pads frees up valuable floor space. They easily integrate with other Storopack Packaging Product Systems.

Storopack, Inc., is the world's largest manufacturer, converter and recycler of expanded polystyrene (EPS) whose primary activities include the conversion of EPS, natural starch and paper cushioning products. In addition to providing the industry's broadest line of protective packaging, Storopack also designs and supplies loose-fill storage and delivery systems.

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