Moisture Determinations in Biodiesel and Alternative Fuels

JM Science’s AQUACOUNTER® Coulmetric AQ-300 KF Titrator has been used in the biofuels industry including applications in biodiesel, glycerin, reclaimed methanol, jet fuel, ULSD or ultra-low sulphur diesel, kerosene and many others. This reliable, easy-to-use titrator determines moisture quickly and accurately down to 1ppm with just a simple injection of the sample. A built-in detector monitors the titration status. Four files with present conditions can be stored in memory and allows instant recall of data for up to 20 samples. The unit is CE approved and has an international voltage input (100-240V). Results may be printed on an optional printer or downloaded to a laptop or desktop PC with included software. Choose between an ion exchange membrane or fritted cell system. Laboratories with limited budgets will benefit from this low-cost, highly productive unit.

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