Module delivers 6 W of power from 200 µm core fibre.

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Available as chip-on-submount or chip-on-C-Mount, 808 nm single emitter module suits solid-state and direct diode laser systems in Nd:YAG pumping and medical, analytical and printing applications. Hermetically sealed RoHS compliant module features floating anode and cathode, and multimode laser diode chip with E2 front mirror passivation to prevent Catastrophic Optical Damage to laser diode facet.

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Bookham Announces 6W 808nm Single Emitter Module

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 9 - Bookham, Inc., a provider of high power optical components, has expanded its portfolio of 808nm single emitter products with the launch of a module that delivers a minimum of 6W from a 200µm core fibre at industry leading reliability. The new module is designed to provide the power and reliability required for all solid-state and direct diode laser systems, particularly Nd:YAG pumping and medical, analytical and printing applications.

The new product is built on the proven Bookham platform for single emitter fiber laser pump modules, enabling high volume, cost-effective manufacturing. Devices are available as a chip-on-submount or chip-on-C-Mount. The 808nm single emitter chip can also be integrated into the multi-emitter package to achieve further increased power output levels.

The RoHS compliant module is hermetically sealed and incorporates a floating anode and cathode. It includes a multimode laser diode chip with E2 front mirror passivation to prevent Catastrophic Optical Damage (COD) to the laser diode facet even at very high power levels. The coupling process allows for high output powers that are very stable with both time and temperature.

"The continued progression in power output and reliability of our 808nm single emitter portfolio increases the number of markets that we can target, without needing to introduce new manufacturing processes," said Gunnar Stolze, Director High Power Laser Marketing and Sales at Bookham. "As photonic technologies continue to grow in importance across a wide range of applications and industries, we are positioning ourselves to meet the varied demands of many customers while ensuring that we are competing on cost."

About Bookham

Bookham is a leading manufacturer and independent, vertically integrated supplier of high performance, high reliability industrial laser diodes across many markets, including industrial, medical, display, analytical, printing, aerospace and defense.

The company boasts two decades of experience as a leader in laser diode development, continued investment in technology and customer support, and offers scalability for cost efficient, high volume production through the use of advanced automated manufacturing processes in its state of the art facility in Zurich.

Bookham was the first company to offer 120W 9xxnm diode bars and is a leader in the market for single emitter pigtailed laser modules for fiber laser pumping. The company's diversified high power laser diode offering ranges from 25W pigtailed multimode modules to 120W bars and 2.4kW fast axis collimated stacks.

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