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Modular Track Systems convert wheeled machines to tracks.

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Modular Track Systems convert wheeled machines to tracks.

Jul 15, 2004 - Modular Track Systems feature rubberized idlers and bogies for cushioned ride, permanent lubrication, and auto-tensioning system to absorb impact. Positive drive system combined with 30 or 36 in. rubber track provides traction. Modules weigh 6,000 lb each and can be retrofitted to range of off-road machinery via installation kit. Applications include tractors, seismic vibrators, vibratory compactors, milling machines, agricultural equipment, and mining equipment.

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ATI, Inc. Modular Track Systems Convert Wheeled Machines to Tracks

Press release date: Jul 02, 2004

Mount Vernon, Indiana - ATI, Inc. offers modular track systems that permit easy conversions of wheeled machines to tracks without the necessity of costly engineering or "gearing up the production line."

These systems are available "off the shelf" and can be installed with minimal equipment in approximately an hour and a half per track assembly.

This ingenious aftermarket system may be installed directly by the OEM at the factory as standard equipment or option, at the dealer level as a permanent feature or as needed to suit the application. Under most circumstances, the track assemblies may also be installed in the field, when necessary.

The brainchild of a talented equipment dealership and later enhanced by the input of two ex-CaseIH executives and a design engineer, the system has endured over ten years of design, development and field testing prior to being released to the market. The modules weigh in at about 6000 pounds apiece and can be retrofitted to a wide range of off-road machinery via an installation kit provided by ATI, Inc. These modules have been incorporated in a wide range of equipment and have provided excellent traction in every type of operation from mud to snow and ice, regardless of ambient temperatures or terrain.

Applications for the track systems include tractors, soil stabilizers, seismic vibrators, forestry equipment, vibratory compactors, profiling and milling machines, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, and other steep slope, poor terrain and military projects. The ATI, Inc. Modular Track System is currently used by numerous OEMs in markets from construction to farm to snow equipment. It successfully and routinely pulls three eighteen cubic yard scrapers of dirt with a 420 hp construction tractor.

Product features include rubberized idlers and bogies for a cushioned ride, permanent lubrication for a maintenance-free lifetime expected to range up to ten years, an auto-tensioning system designed to absorb impact and a low center of gravity for excellent stability. A positive drive system combined with a choice of a 30" or 36" rubber track, designed and built by Goodyear, provide superb traction with increased flotation and decreased rolling resistance.

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