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Modular Sensor Systems are integrated with embedded webserver.

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Modular Sensor Systems are integrated with embedded webserver.

Aug 04, 2017 -

Designed for PROFIBUS®-DP control systems, HI 6600 Modular Sensor Systems enable users to configure up to 28 channels of stable and processed weight over a single PROFIBUS-DP connection. Units deliver processed weight with a resolution of 1:10:000 and feature an update speed of 110 updates per second. Products are equipped with weight processors and are suitable for inventory management, blending, filling and checking applications.

Hardy Process Solutions, Inc. - San Diego, CA

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New Version of HARDY HI 6600 Modular Sensor System for Profibus®-dp Delivers up to 28 channels of Stable Processed Weight Over a Single Profibus-dp Connection

Press release date: Jul 31, 2017

Hardy Process Solutions ( announces a new version of the HI 6600 Modular Sensor Systems for PROFIBUS®-DP control systems. PROFIBUS-DP (Decentralized Peripherals) is used to operate sensors via a centralized controller in production (factory) automation manufacturing applications.

The modular design of the HI 6600 allows manufacturers, OEMs and systems integrators to configure up to 28 channels of stable, processed weight over a single PROFIBUS-DP connection that sends data for 10 modules at a time to a control system. This distributed design provides the lowest cost, on a per channel basis, for weight into a control system, greatly simplifying wiring and network addressing, all in an ultra-compact, power efficient design. Hardy also provides a PROFIBUS.GSD file, which simplifies integration.

Weight processors are used as front ends to control systems, or standalone for all types of general weighing applications. Operating blind or with an optional display, they measure, condition, and communicate weight without any need to control. The HI 6600 series is designed to support weighing applications in process and packaging such as inventory management, blending, filling and checking. The HI 600 is especially well suited for batching systems, multi-head fillers and tank farms.

According to Tim Norman, Product Manager, Hardy Process Solutions, “The HI 6600 series for PROFIBUS-DP meets the respective needs of manufacturers, OEMs and System Integrators seeking flexible multi-channel, high-resolution weight processors that are simple to install on a PROFIBUS-DP network. The HI 6600 series is designed to meet the weighing application needs of food processing, chemical, consumer package goods, and general manufacturing automation, at a very low price per channel.”

The HI 6600 series delivers stable processed weight with a resolution of 1:10:000 and an update speed at 110 updates per second, per channel (processor, display and communications). The HI 6600 system enhances the productivity of process manufacturing systems where fast, precise weight-based controls are critical.

The HI 6600 series is delivered with the Hardy Process Toolbox, including C2® electronic calibration, INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN® diagnostics, and WAVERSAVER® vibration immunity. An embedded webserver in the Hardy Gateway Module allows access to any of the connected weight processing modules from anywhere on the user’s communications network.

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Hardy Process Solutions has established itself as an industry leader in the weighing automation world by providing highly accurate precision measurements, while seamlessly integrating process weight signals into a Rockwell plant control system. At Hardy, we believe that industrial weighing solutions should be EASY to engineer and operate. We believe that simplicity delivers the LOWEST TOTAL COST to own. That’s why our solutions are EASIER to install, integrate, commission, diagnose and maintain in all four areas of the supply chain.

1. STOCK - accurate weight and level measurement/monitoring

2. MAKE - adaptable weight & rate material feed measurement/control

3. PACK - for robust rate & weight feed measurement/control

4. SHIP - off-the-shelf static and dynamic check weighing solutions

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