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Industrial, Modular 19-Inch DAQ Control Systems

CHESTERLAND OH — Since 2001, CAS DataLoggers has supplied high-performance measurement and control systems to users in almost every industry. Today we offer customers the ADwin-PRO real-time data acquisition and control system. These high-performance modular systems are ideal for all manner of intelligent data acquisition and control applications. By utilizing the programmability of the ADwin's local CPU, users can run real-time logging and/or control programs with extremely fast execution speeds in the kHz to MHz range. Call a CAS DataLoggers Applications Specialist today at 800-956-4437 to learn more!

High-Performance DSP Processor:

With up to 480 Analog Inputs (multiplexed or parallel) and also utilizing Digital I/Os, the ADwin-PRO onboard processor has its own local memory to handle system management, data acquisition, online processing and control of outputs. Processing of each measurement can occur immediately after data acquisition. Additionally, the ADbasic control language allows users to program mathematical operations and functions which are executed immediately after each sampling step even at sampling rates as high as 1.25 MHz.

ADwin can also run other functions besides data acquisition on the same system, including open- and closed-loop control functions or signal and waveform generation. A single PC can also access multiple ADwin systems, e.g. in a network for centralized monitoring of various applications.

Modular and Expandable Data Acquisition:

The ADwin-PRO is a modular data acquisition system housed in a benchtop or rack-mountable enclosure. The system is available in Full, Half and Quarter-Rack Mainframes, AC or DC Power Versions. Different I/O boards and expansion modules allow the ADwin-PRO to be configured for specific uses. Communication with the host PC can be done through either USB or Ethernet.

The following plug-in board modules are available:

Processor Modules

  • Analog Input / Output Modules (Multiplex and Parallel A/D)

  • Digital input / output modules

  • Counter/Timer modules

  • Interface modules for various buses (CAN, Serial cards, Fieldbus etc.)

  • ISA or USB for communication with the PC

  • Temperature measurement of Thermocouples/RTDs , active or passive

  • Special modules

ADwin Operation with the PC:

The ADwin software environment can be used under Windows (2000/XP/Vista/Win7) and Linux or as a stand-alone data acquisition system. ADwin also has drivers for many popular programming environments including Visual Basic, Visual C/C++, LabVIEW/LabWindows, TestPoint and others.

ADwin performs intelligent data acquisition with real-time online analysis along with complex triggering performed at every sampling step. Users can also perform online mathematical calculations including statistics such as RMS, min/max, mean, integral, derivative, correlation, digital filters, FFT, signal analysis, etc.

The PC application reads the data collected from the ADwin system, graphs it, and logs it to one or more files. Users can save data as ASCII, binary, or DIAdem format either in a single file or multiple timestamped files.

Real-time development with ADbasic and ADtools:

With ADbasic, users define the processing sequences that are executed on the ADwin hardware. ADbasic optimizes and compiles the program code with just a mouse-click. After being loaded on the ADwin system by ADbasic or a graphical PC user interface, the real-time processes execute independently.

ADwin also features a library containing standard functions: e.g. for filtering, various examples for counter use, closed-loop controllers, function generators etc. This leads to a faster program implementation.

For test applications, ADwin also comes bundled with Kalliste' visualization software. With Kalliste' users program simply by typing simple English sentences instead of having to learn another programming language.

For more information on the ADwin-PRO real-time data acquisition system, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at 800-956-4437 or visit our website at

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