Modulant & Slitter Winder Limits Downtime, Improves Roll Quality

December 2, 2008

(Fulton, N.Y.) - A recent installation and commissioning of a new Modulant slitter winder by Davis-Standard, LLC proved successful in limiting the customer's downtime while significantly improving roll quality. The winder, which is being used by the customer for manufacturing extrusion coated materials for the fluid packaging industry, was installed and commissioned 22 hours ahead of schedule. This was especially important in the customer's mill environment where timing is critical.

Davis-Standard provided extensive classroom and hands-on training and worked collaboratively with the customer throughout the process to set and maintain a compressed installation and start-up schedule. Because of this planning, operator acceptance was almost immediate as the winder start-up went extremely well. The new winder replaced an older Black Clawson Converting Machinery slitter winder that had been in continuous operation for nearly 40 years. According to the customer, the new machine's rugged design will provide the same reliability with roll quality that is "far superior" to what they had previously been able to produce.

The Modulant, as the name suggests, is modular in design to provide maximum efficiency as well as ease of operation and self-contained roll handling. It is engineered for high production, shaftless slitting and winding of roll diameters up to 75 inches (1,900mm) at speeds up to 6,000 feet per minute (1,830 mpm). This unique design makes the Modulant a versatile slitter winder for non-wovens, paper and paperboard applications.

Advantages include regenerative electronic tension control; a Quick-Change shaftless winding system for efficiency and more uniform winding off caliper webs; large 24-inch (609mm) diameter individually-driven, traction-coated winder drums for stable winding and improved roll quality; and a hydraulically actuated rider roll beam with a patented Flextronic rider roll relief system for superior roll density control. This model also features self-contained roll removal to minimize space requirements and automatic sequencing for high productivity. To improve operation, a WebFlo air conveying threading system enables single person threading and the Integrator PRO computer system enables recipe control and historical data collection.

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Christine Maxam
Global Marketing Administrator
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