Modeling Software implements UML 2.0 profiles.

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Ameos(TM) extends standard UML notation and adapts it to project-specific needs. Profile Editor allows stereotypes and tagged values to be defined and assigned to model elements of UML Metamodel, ensuring that profiles are well designed and documented. Transformation engine separates technical aspects from domain aspects of UML models. Script managers and repository managers help designers organize elements for easy access and reuse.

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Aonix® Releases Ameos(TM)-A Next-Generation Modeling Environment

Demo launches at ESC in Boston, September 16-17

SAN DIEGO, CA, PARIS, FRANCE, September 15, 2003 - Aonix®, an independent global company delivering complete solutions for safety- and mission-critical applications, will debut the first version of Ameos(TM), Aonix' new modeling environment at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston. Ameos will implement UML 2.0 profiles, MDA-based model transformation and a modern, convenient user interface-features all designed to provide a powerful approach to meeting the modeling needs necessary to describe modern and complex software systems.

Through UML Profiles support, Aonix offers an easy way to extend standard UML notation and to adapt it to project-specific needs. UML 2.0 desrcribes Profiles and defines how to model them in UML notation. The Ameos Profile Editor allows stereotypes and tagged values to be defined and assigned to model elements of the UML Metamodel, ensuring that profiles are well designed, documented and easy to use for the entire project team.

Ameos also implements a transformation engine based on model-driven architecture (MDA), a recent OMG iniative designed to separate the technical aspects from the domain aspects of UML models. By creating a Platform Independent Model (PIM), the model's level of abstraction increases and dependency on the target platform is reduced. By model transformation, the PIM is then transferred into a Platform Specific Model (PSM) that contains the technical details. With these features, design time is reduced as the model process is able to mature to a greater level prior to implementing target-specific detail.

"UML 2.0 and MDA move design modeling technology forward significantly," noted Michael Benkel, Aonix Director of Marketing. "By using defined UML profiles, Ameos designers not only gain better modeling capability, but also better model transformation. Since profile definition dovetails with MDA transformation, the evolution from the model to target-specific code becomes much easier."

As a leader in the safety critical industry, Aonix has developed a powerful MDA solution with predefined profiles to target Raven(TM). Raven is the DO-178B certified kernel for safety critical applications based on the International standard Ravenscar Profile. With Ameos, the Raven Profiles are provided with associated models. This MDA solution can be easily made available to other certification required and real-time industries.

To maximize designer efficiency, Ameos introduces a modern user interface. Implementing advanced window technology, Ameos combines the strengths of windowing technologies to ensure that designs have a predefined number of free floating windows available, but are able to dock any windows to provide a clear interface with access to generators at all times. Through color, semantics can be consistently tied to stereotypes and profiles, easing the design and debug process. Script managers and repository managers help designers organize elements for easy access and reuse-a significant resource particularly in large development teams where communication is more challenging.

Packaging and Availability:
Ameos' packaging targets specific user groups. Ameos/UML Modeler focuses on the modeling process and support UML and third-party integration; Ameos/UML Analyst meets the analyst and system engineering needs and includes UML Modeler along with document generation, XMI support, reverse engineering for Java, C++, Ada95 and XMI, and profile editor; while Ameos/UML Developer is geared to the software engineer and includes Architect and ACD model transformation engine along with transformation rules. Ameos offers UML profiles to generate C/C++, Ada 95, Java, CORBA, COM, and EJB. Additional industry-specific solutions are available for auto manufacturing, real-time systems and safety critical applications. Ameos is available for the Windows 2000/XP, Solaris 7/8 and Linux platforms.

About Aonix®
Aonix is a global independent provider of Software Engineering Development Environments with more than 20 years of experience. Our products cover Analysis and Design (Ameos(TM) and Architecture Component Development®), GUI Design (TeleUSE(TM)) and implementation in Ada (ObjectAda®, AdaWorld®), Embedded Java, high-performance real-time kernels (Raven(TM)) and Software-Testing. As a pioneer in current market trends such as Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Embedded Java and the development of safety-critical applications Aonix addresses the needs of mission- and safety-critical applications for various industries including Avionics, Space, Defense, Transportation, Telecoms, Automotive, and Industry in general. Professional training, consulting and local technical support guarantees our customers the successful development and deployment of their applications. Headquartered in San Diego, CA and Paris, France, Aonix operates sales offices throughout North America and Europe in addition to a network of international distributors. For more information, visit

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