Model 7340 Noise Testers offer offset range from 0.01 Hz to 100 MHz.

Press Release Summary:

Model 7340 Noise Testers come with intuitive GUI, LabVIEW, C++ and MatLab drivers. Unit is used for measuring pulse, amplitude, high-drift mode and absolute and additive measurements. Model 7340 can be operated in High drift mode (measure modulations or unstable DUTs) and Transient mode (measure WB frequency, NB frequency, NB phase and NB power). Product offers a frequency range of 5 MHz to 40 GHz.

Original Press Release:

BNC’s Model 7340 Raises the Bar in Phase Noise Testing Solutions

Berkeley Nucleonics, commercially releases the model 7340, a turn-key, broadband, and complete phase noise testing solution from 5MHz to 40GHz. With both Absolute and Additive measurements, Pulse, Amplitude, High-Drift mode for difficult unstable DUTs, and a comprehensive suite of advanced tools in a compact footprint at a fraction of the size of contemporary instruments, this new BNC model offers the highest size-to-performance and performance-to-price ratios in the industry.

With a PC-driven format and the advantages of reduced size, better reliability, and reduced obsolescence the full line of BNC’s Phase Noise Testers are provided with a free intuitive GUI, as well as LabVIEW, C++, and MatLab drivers. In addition to easy and powerful control and access to data, the instrument includes a dedicated ATE Mode which provides very fast measurements for fast throughput in manufacturing environments. Independent testing shows a reduction up to 70% of testing time when compared to other competitors.

Model 7340 Signal Source Analyzer Performance Enhancements:

  • Broad Frequency Range in a single compact instrument from 5MHz to 40GHz
  • Measurement offsets from .01Hz to 100MHz
  • Absolute Phase Noise - High Drift mode (ability to measure modulations, high drifting or unstable DUTs, etc.)
  • AM (Absolute Amplitude Noise) measurements
  • Pulsed Measurement Capabilities
  • Transient Mode: measure WB Frequency, NB Frequency, NB Phase, NB Power (WB/NB being Wide Band and Narrow Band).
  • Dual channel low-noise integrated power supplies

BNC is proud to offer new capable and cost-effective solutions. “Since we first launched this product line our goals have been to take our customers’ feedback and quickly implement it into new options that will meet their need and allow them to grow and improve,” states Alex Palm, VP of Business Dev of Berkeley Nucleonics. “We are proud of what we are able to accomplish with this latest release of RF / Microwave equipment options and configurations. No other solution can match our suite of customer solutions.”

BNC supports their customers with a standard 3-year warranty, overnight shipments, immediate on-call applications support, flexible customization, and more.

About the Company:

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation is a leading manufacturer of precision electronic instrumentation for test, measurement and nuclear research. BNC has its corporate headquarters in San Rafael, California with several additional manufacturing facilities and sales offices located throughout the United States. Founded in 1963, BNC is a recognized leader in the Test and Measurements field.

In addition to our RF / Microwave signal source line of equipment, BNC offers Phase Noise Test Systems (Signal Source Analyzers) & Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers.

For additional information Microwave / RF instrumentation, please visit or call (800) 234-7858.

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