Mobility Management Software offers wireless expense insight.

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MobilityCentral v2.3 incorporates BudgetCorrect(TM) feature, which is used for managing mobility and controlling wireless expenses. With it, companies can set budgets, track/allocate expenses, identify overages, and take corrective action to meet cost-savings objectives without sacrificing growing mobility needs of business. Functionality allows for creating and communicating mobility policy with budget expectations as well as identifying overspend and abuse with automated notification.

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Mobility Management is Now BudgetCorrect(TM) with MobilityCentral 2.3

Visage Mobile delivers budget-based insight into wireless expenses with the latest update to its Software as a Service mobility management solution.

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 23 -- Visage Mobile, the innovative leader in mobility management solutions, announced the general availability of MobilityCentral Release 2.3. This new release introduces a breakthrough approach for managing mobility and controlling wireless expenses called BudgetCorrect(TM). Now, with MobilityCentral featuring BudgetCorrect(TM), companies can conveniently set budgets, track expenses, identify overages and take corrective action to meet cost-savings objectives without sacrificing the growing mobility needs of the business.

BudgetCorrect(TM) includes:
-- Creating and communicating a mobility policy with budget expectations
-- Establishing a multi-tier budget for business units or other mobility groups
-- Tracking and allocating monthly wireless expenses against budgets
-- Inventory insight and allocation for devices, plans and features
-- Identifying overspend and abuse with automated notification to managers/users
-- Metrics, Analytics and Reports on all dimensions of mobility management
-- Several Top Ten Spender Analytics with automated email notification feature

"Blindly reducing mobility spend by slashing features and switching carriers can be detrimental to the business," said Bzur Haun, president of Visage Mobile. "Taking a BudgetCorrect(TM) approach to managing your wireless expenses is the smart way to keep your mobile workforce properly equipped, connected and productive.

MobilityCentral is a clear alternative to traditional Telecom Expense Management vendors that rely on the managed service business model. MobilityCentral puts clarity and control in the hands of the company's mobility team and extends it to business unit managers and employees with automated notifications. MobilityCentral remains the fastest implementation in the industry with results in a matter of a few days for most companies."

MobilityCentral customers are seeing an average Return on Investment of 2.5 times the cost of the application in the first year. Chris Carter, Director of Global IT for CapRock Communications, was surprised at how fast he was able to see tangible savings. "Within hours of uploading data into MobilityCentral the application was already saving CapRock Communications money by pointing out huge overages where there shouldn't be and by providing a built-in tool that enabled me to notify the appropriate managers and collectively take corrective action," Carter explained.

"Tracking wireless spending and figuring out who has which device using a spreadsheet is a continuous and frustrating challenge," said Haun. "Whether you are a company with hundreds or thousands of mobile workers, you need to have control over your wireless inventory and spend. Our customers are spending on average more than $50,000 per month on carrier costs and more than $100 per device. There are numerous hidden expenses that can be eliminated quickly and wisely if IT managers had the right tracking tools."

About Visage Mobile

Visage Mobile enables companies to take control of their mobility budget and inventory. Its flagship product, MobilityCentral, is a mobility management web-based application capable of quickly analyzing data from thousands of employees across multiple carriers. Its customizable reports and actionable metrics are displayed in user-friendly graphs, giving companies unprecedented insight into their mobile usage and spend. MobilityCentral is a hosted mobility management application with monthly subscription pricing and rapid implementation. Visage Mobile ( is based in San Francisco and was named one of Network World's "Nine Wireless Companies to Watch (2008)."

CONTACT: Maggie Mosteller, Visage Mobile, +1-415-200-2888,

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