Mobile Workstations feature 17 in. flat panel monitors.

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Offering graphics engineering solution, NextDimension FlexTop Mobile Workstations are equipped with 17 in. HD flat panel displays that are only 1 in. thick. Displays reach resolutions up to 1,920 x 1,200, providing plasma TV-like look on desktop. Users can achieve maximum computational and graphics performance by combining up to 2 PCI Express graphics boards with up to 2 AMD Dual-Core Opteron processors.

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NextComputing Announces the Thinnest, Lightest 17" Monitor on the Market with Its FlexTop Computer, the NextDimension

November 1, 2006, NextComputing announced today the availability of the thinnest, lightest weight, 17" HD flat-panel monitors on its NextDimension mobile workstation, another industry first for the company. This announcement further establishes the company's first-in-class FlexTop computer as a competitive choice for a high-performance graphics engineering workstation. The addition of the flat-panel displays lends credence to the company's motto that bigger is not always better.

NextComputing's latest innovation answers the need for smaller, more easily portable systems, utilizing the highest processing and graphics capabilities, within targeted user communities like DCC, CAD, EDA, Oil & Gas and the Geospatial market. Large computer manufacturers targeting these industries often lack the performance, expandability and portability requirements which are quickly becoming more prevalent. This newest addition of the smallest form-factor, lightest weight, flat-panel monitor available in the 17" spectrum, restates the company's expectations that the FlexTop can do to high-end workstations what laptops did to consumer level desktops. NextComputing sees the FlexTop as a design model that will gain acceptance until it replaces many of its large workstation competitors, effectively becoming the desktop replacement version of workstations.

Bob Labadini, President and CTO of NextComputing explains, "In a desktop configuration, the NextDimension would be placed underneath a desk, just like any other graphics engineering workstation, the difference being a much smaller form factor, lighter weight, portable, and quieter. One or two of the new displays are placed on the desktop, taking up less space and weighing less than any other 17-inch monitors on the market today."

The displays themselves are the first truly portable monitors available. At only 1-inch thick, two of them can clip right onto the NextDimension, making lightweight portability of your entire desktop feasible. Both functional and sleek, they provide a "plasma TV"-like look on your desktop as opposed to a bulky monitor. Like larger high-performance monitors, the displays reach resolutions of up to 1920x1200.

The NextDimension provides significant gains in desktop real estate and portability with no sacrifice in performance. Users can achieve maximum computational and graphics performance by combining up to two ultra high-end PCI Express graphics boards with up to two best-in-breed AMD Dual-Core Opteron processors. Recent announcements of the availability of ATI's ultra high-end FireGL(TM) V7350 with Avivo(TM) Technology, and NVIDIA's Quadro FX 5500 by PNY Technologies board with or without SLI enabled, speak to the cutting edge nature of NextComputing's graphics industries focus.

"With the addition of the powerful NVIDIA Quadro FX 5500 by PNY graphics board, NextComputing is taking portable computing to a whole new level," said Jeff Medeiros, business development manager, PNY Technologies. "The NVIDIA Quadro FX 5500 SDI by PNY, which delivers uncompressed SDI output in 2K, HD or SD format, provides NextComputing clients with the ultimate portable HD-SDI solution."

Additionally, users desiring high-quality audio features, like those in DCC and the Audio production industry benefit from the lower noise level of the NextDimension in this desktop configuration. The sound becomes more clearly audible when this system is used in comparison to a bigger, comparably equipped tower workstation.

Only 17 inches wide, 12 inches high, and 4.25 inches deep, there is no other workstation of the FlexTop computer's size and performance on the market today. Coupled with its new 1-inch thick flat panel monitors, NextComputing has achieved the smallest footprint, high-performance graphics workstation on the market.
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