Mobile Shredding Truck has payload capacity of 6,250 lb.

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With throughput rate of 2,800-3,000 lb/hr, MDS-15GT features compact design that allows for maneuverability on narrow streets and crowded urban locations. It features cast aluminum ST-15H shredder which is equipped with Gripper Tipper bin tunnel loading system, hub knives, high strength alloy shafts, custom cleaning fingers, and vibrating feed hopper. Unit has angled compactor design and moving floor unloading system to ensure rapid discharge of shredded material.

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Shred-Tech Unveils New Truck

April 04, 2008

Shred-Tech has unveiled its new Shred-Tech MDS-15GT April 2 in Anaheim, during the National Association for Information Destruction's Annual Conference.

In an earlier announced release Robert Glass, Shred-Tech's CEO, noted that the new product follows a history of the company investing in research and development. 'We have made significant investments over the past several years in research and development - $12 million over the past seven years, with $2.5 million alone in 2007 - to provide our customers with top-of-the-line mobile and plant-based shredding systems."

The MDS-15GT is Shred-Tech's most compact and economical design to date. It has a throughput rate of between 2,800-3,000 pounds per hour, and a design that allows for maneuverability on narrow streets and more crowded urban locations. The truck has a legal payload capacity of 6,250 pounds.

The heart of the MDS-15GT is the ST-15H shredder, which is cast entirely of aluminum, providing exceptional strength without the weight of steel. The shredder features hub knives, high strength alloy shafts and two all new patent pending innovations - custom cleaning fingers and a vibrating feed hopper

The shredder also is equipped with the company's patent pending Gripper Tipper bin tunnel loading system, which allows for quick and easy loading of all industry standard containers and ensures materials are protected from environmental elements.

The shredding truck also has a Plus 1 micro-control system with advanced intelligence powerful enough to allow remote diagnostics, advance predictive idle and auto-shutdown are convenient and easy to use. The MDS-15GT also comes equipped with new angled compactor design and durable moving floor unloading system, which ensure rapid discharge of shredded material equating to more time on-route shredding paper and making money

The mobile shredding truck also can operate on either ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel or B5 Biodiesel fuel.

The truck also is equipped with Shred-Tech's Predictable Idle with auto shutdown and remote panel start/stop. When material has passed through the shredder the sensor eliminates power to the engine stopping the shredder and in turn reducing fuel consumption and emissions as well as engine and shredder wear.

More information on the MDS-15GT may be obtained by contacting Shred-Tech at, email at, tel. 800.465.3214 or 519.621.3560; fax F 519.621.4288.

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