Mobile Gas Cleanup Unit maximizes recovery.

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Able to scrub up to 98% of carbon dioxide from early flowback natural gas, Mobile Gas Cleanup Unit helps producers maximize recovery while providing environmentally friendly alternative to flaring. Trailer-mounted skid unit can be field deployed to well sites and remote locations, then quickly shut down, purged, and driven to next location. Operators only pay for gas scrubbing capabilities needed, based on length of use and volume of gas flow.

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Linde Deploys New CO2 Scrubbing Technology for Early Flowback Gas

Mobile Gas Cleanup Unit improves recovery, reduces flaring

MURRAY HILL, N.J. and NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J.,  -- Linde LLC has introduced a new, mobile technology that economically scrubs carbon dioxide (CO(2)) from early flowback natural gas, giving producers a cost-effective way to increase recovery and achieve green completions.

Linde's new mobile gas cleanup unit (MGCU) uses a novel membrane technology to remove up to 98 percent of the CO(2) in the production stream. It was designed to improve well economics, with an emphasis on the 3 E's: Enhanced productivity or Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR), Environmental footprint reduction, and improved Economics of the field.

Natural gas typically contains trace amounts of CO(2). But when a well is fractured with energized fluids containing CO(2) to boost recovery, the early flowback gas may exceed pipeline specifications. The most common practice is to flare until the well cleans up enough to meet specifications.

"Linde created an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to flaring" said Robin Watts, Program Manager, Well Completions, Linde North America. "Our mobile gas cleanup unit scrubs CO(2) so producers can monetize early flowback natural gas while minimizing flaring and greenhouse gas emissions. One of the many challenges producers face is finding a way to improve well economics while complying with environmental regulations. Linde designed the unit so an operator can monetize CO(2) in the flowback natural gas during a relatively short window of operation, at low natural gas prices. It is designed to be cost-effective at lower process volumes - including associated gas rates from oil wells."

San Antonio-based Mortimer Exploration Co. used the Linde technology in a one month deployment to clean up gas from one of their newly completed South Texas wells.

"The results were way better than we had even hoped," said Glenn Mortimer, President of Mortimer Exploration Co. "Without the mobile gas cleanup unit, we would have incurred significant additional costs with alternative solutions and lost the revenue we were able to monetize by eliminating flaring and selling the gas into the pipeline."

The trailer-mounted skid unit can be field deployed to well sites and remote locations. It can be operational within half a day depending on location logistics. It also can be shut down, purged and driven to the next location very quickly.

The new MGCU design flexibility results in an operator only paying for the gas scrubbing capabilities needed, based on length of use and volume of gas flow.


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