Mobile Column Lift integrates touchscreen control.

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Featuring capacity of 18,000 lb/column and variable lift speed of up to 67 ipm, S3 Series has lifting height of 70 in. and can be used in sets of 4 or 6 for 108,000 lb max capacity. Control lets operator select mode of operation - all columns, pairs or single - and desired lifting speed. Due to electronic variable speed drive, lifting speed can be set according to weight of vehicle being lifted. No oil or seals and only one wear part (phosphor bronze nut) minimize maintenance issues.

Original Press Release:

Touch Screen Control Integrated with Low Maintenance 18,000 lb. Capacity Mobile Column Lift

Heavy Duty Capacity is Combined with Touch Screen Control, Variable Lift Speed and Low Maintenance.

BALTIMORE, MD, U.S.A., February 13, 2009: The new S3 Series mobile lift was officially launched in January and demand has been unprecedented, it was announced today by SEFAC, Inc.

The S3 has a capacity of 18,000 lb. per column and can be used in sets of four or six for total lift capacity of up to108, 000 lb and a lifting height of 70". It's most innovative feature, the variable lift speed of up to 67" per minute, makes it comparable to a hydraulic lift.

Allister Collings, President of SEFAC, Inc. reports, "The beauty of this product is the flexibility and intelligence of the touch screen control. The operator selects the mode of operation (all columns, pairs or single) and the desired lifting speed, but then the control intelligence takes over. Thanks to the electronic variable speed drive, the lifting speed can be set according to the weight of the vehicle being lifted. The controller also displays lifting speed and height in real time as well as diagnostics and scheduled maintenance reminders."

SEFAC reports that this advanced PLC also monitors all the safety systems of the lift. In the unlikely event of a fault, a message is displayed on the screen and a step by step procedure helps the operator put the lift back in service.

Richard Blair, the SEFAC Service Manager announces that, "Maintenance on the S3 has been reduced to a bare minimum. There is no oil so there are no seals to replace, no oil level to check and no regular bleeding of lines required. After many years of use, when it becomes necessary to replace the single wear part, a phosphor bronze nut, it can be replaced in less than 15 minutes".

SEFAC, Inc. has 35 years experience as a leading manufacturer of heavy duty vehicle lifts and accessories. SEFAC lifts are widely used in repair and maintenance shops for public and private buses, commercial freight transport vehicles and railcars. They provide prompt factory-direct parts and service to their customers. SEFAC, Inc. is headquartered at 23 Fontana Lane, Suite 110 o Baltimore, MD 21237 Toll Free: 800-826-3486 o FAX 443-730-1026 o Email:

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