Miyahuna Adopts MenaITech Solutions for Managing Its Human Resources

Amman - Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna) has recently signed a cooperation agreement with MenaITech, which will provide its specialized e-solutions in human resources (HR) management to the national company dedicated to supplying and upgrading pure water and sewage services across the Kingdom.

Under the agreement, Miyahuna will deploy in its HR department the comprehensive and highly-adaptable application package developed by the regional company specialized in building and deploying human resources applications that will cater to all its units and departments by creating an efficient infrastructure that will streamline its administrative processes and further increase production and service capabilities.

In his comment, Miyahuna CEO, Eng. Munir Oweis, said that after learning about the solutions and services provided by many companies working in the field, the choice fell on MenaITech, given that its integrated package combines various human capital processes that lie at the heart of our programs which we seek to constantly improve to leverage our operational efficiency and customer services.

Highlighting MenaITech's value-added solutions, Oweis said: "We understand the importance of incorporating these applications into our systems to take our administrative services to the next level and rise up our proficiency."

For his part, MenaITech's CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, welcomed the signing of the agreement with one of the leading national organizations in the Kingdom, saying: "We appreciate the confidence which Miyahuna has shown by choosing our company to be responsible for upgrading its administrative systems and human resources. It gives us great pleasure to add Miyahuna to our long list of clients."

"MenaITech's services are pertinent not only to top-level departments and units, but also to all the company's personnel who, using a self service portal, will enjoy the benefits of the system, such as managing leaves of absence, payments and liabilities. Being able to access these features through the internet, employees no longer have to show up at the human resources department and this will increase their level of satisfaction," Hawamdeh added.

Based on the agreement, MenaITech will provide Miyahuna with a package consisting of the following six applications: the human resources information management system, payroll and personnel solution, the employee and manager self service solution, the employee 360 degree feedback evaluation software, the comprehensive HR consolidation and analysis module, in addition to the revolutionary cell phone notification service.

Founded in 2003 by a group of talented and experienced HR and IT professionals, MenaITech aims to provide HR solutions that maximize the return on the human capital investment for all MenaITech customers by providing accurate and reliable management information, improving access to information, and reducing costs of operating the HR solution. MenaITech products include the human resources information management system MenaHR®, payroll & personnel solution MenaPay®, the employee & manager self service solution MenaME®, the employee 360 degree feedback evaluation software Mena360®, the comprehensive HR consolidation and analysis module MenaExplorer®, in addition to the revolutionary cell phone notification service MenaSMS®.

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