Mixing System allows anaerobic digestion in various markets.

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Momentous Flow(TM) provides mixing for anaerobic digestion in wastewater, biofuels, and agricultural markets. It uses single Z/T=3.0 axial impeller and no baffles in upper part of vessel to create centrifugal force, which pushes membrane methane bubbles from anaerobic digestion to center of rotation. Methane then coalesces and escapes from liquid into collection cap. Mixing system also features cone-shaped bottom.

Original Press Release:

New Momentous Flow Technology from Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Offers Better Anaerobic Digestion with Faster ROI

PALMYRA, Pa., October 23, 2008 - Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, the world leader in process mixing technology, today introduced Momentous Flow(TM), the next generation mixing technology for anaerobic digestion in the wastewater, biofuels and agricultural markets. Compared to standard and egg digester technologies, this mixing system offers substantially faster installation, lower operating and maintenance costs, and efficient generation of reusable energy from methane capture.

Momentous Flow uses a single Z/T = 3.0 axial impeller and no baffles in the upper part of the vessel to create centrifugal force. That force pushes membrane methane bubbles from anaerobic digestion to the center of rotation, where they quickly coalesce and escape from the liquid into a collection cap. The methane is then harnessed to power digestion operations, significantly reducing or eliminating the need to power the equipment from the grid.

"Anaerobic digestion mixing has traditionally been a cost factor in industrial processing. Due to the global energy crisis, companies want to use it to provide a reliable source of reusable energy to offset rising energy costs," said Wojciech Wyczalkowski, Ph.D, director of research and development for Philadelphia Mixing Solutions. "Momentous Flow technology makes this a reality for ethanol and agricultural industries, enabling plants to harness the power of Mother Nature to give back to their bottom lines."

Momentous Flow has a cone-shaped bottom and is significantly smaller than standard mixing equipment. These design improvements drive down the cost of initial site construction and installation. Its single impeller requires less service time than traditional multi-mixer installations, reducing maintenance and repair costs. Momentous Flow technology can generate ROI in a matter of months, depending on the particulars of the installation, compared to years for traditional digestion mixers.

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