MiracleGen Launches Its CHPs into the European Market

CHENGDU, China - MiracleGen, a registered trademark of Miracle Power Systems Inc. (www.miraclepower.cn), announces that it is introducing its CHPs (Combined Heat & Power, or Cogeneration) to Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic, Poland and the UK.

Three years ago, MiracleGen got its first order of natural gas CHPs from the Czech Republic. Now, MiracleGen is exporting its CHPs to more than 30 countries including 9 European countries.

"The critical advantage of CHPs comes from the 85-90% energy efficiency when recovering the heat from engine jacket water and from exhaust whereas the energy efficiency of conventional generator sets is only 35-38%. The CHPs produce both electricity and hot water with a temperature of 80-90 Celsius," says Mr. Allen Gu, President of MiracleGen.

These CHPs are fueled with biogas, wood gas, natural gas, LPG or diesel.

The market segment of CHPs covers:

*Biogas from waste water treatment plants, dumping sites, livestock farms, agro-industrial facilities, slurry treatment facilities and olive treatment facilities.

*Residential buildings, senior living residences, office buildings and buildings connected to district heating.

*Swimming pools, hotels, shopping centers and industrial processes.

"There is a big market in Europe for our CHPs due to the strict environmental protection and renewable energy incentives. We are going to set up MiracleGen (Europe) Limited in Spain at the end of this year. Some venture capitalists are keeping in contact with us," Mr. Allen Gu adds. He is planning to get VC financing in 2014.

About MiracleGen

In August 2008, just 3 months after the Wenchuan earthquake, Mr. Allen Gu and the 7 other co-owners of Miracle Power Systems Inc. (www.miraclepower.cn) bought a 20,000 square meter plot of land on which to build state-of-the art production facilities in Chengdu. MiracleGen is leading China in manufacturing 5-800kwe natural gas CHPs, 5-500kwe biogas CHPs, 5-100kwe LPG CHPs and 20-1,500kwe diesel CHPs. MiracleGen sells CHPs in more than 20 Chinese provinces and over 30 countries. For more information, please contact Mr. Allen Gu, President of Miracle Power Systems by email at allen@miraclepower.cn.


Miracle Power Systems Inc.

CONTACT: Allen Gu at 028-84921381, or cell 13228137117, allen@miraclepower.cn

Web Site: www.miraclepower.cn

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