Miniature Stepping Gearmotor suits medical/optical devices.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring parallel planetary gearhead, LPD6G series miniature 2-phase stepping motor-geartrain weighs under .06 oz and develops 1.2 oz-in. at 1,358 pulses-per-second or 30 rpm in its 0.5 x 0.343 x 0.41 in. package. Step motor-gearhead uses 3.0-3.3 V input and draws less than 100 mA fully loaded, and step angle is 0.1326°/step in either direction. Over operating temperature range of 20 to 60°C, backlash is 4° max.

Original Press Release:

New Miniature Stepping Gearmotor Family

Torrance, CA - Nidec-Copal (U.S.A.) Corporation introduces the LPD6G series, a new miniature stepping motor with parallel planetary gearhead. The miniature 2 phase stepping motor-geartrain develops 1.2 oz-in (9.0 Nm) at 1358 pulses-per-second or 30 rpm in its tiny package size of 0.5" long by 0.41" high by 0.343" wide (including lead exit height).

The Nidec-Copal step motor-gearhead uses 3.0 to 3.3 volts input and draws less than 100 milliamps fully loaded. The step angle is 0.1326 degrees per step in either direction. Backlash is a maximum of 4 degrees. The stepping motor-geartrain weighs less than .06 oz (1.6 grams). Operating temperature ranges from 20°C to 60°C.

Important applications include medical equipment, optical devices, digital cameras, and consumer electronics.

For further information please contact Nidec Copal (U.S.A.) Corporation at (310) 782-6102 or the company email at or at

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