Miniature Coils are available in angular winding configurations.

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Suited for medical navigation technologies, miniature coil assemblies feature ultra-fine wire winding in various configurations, including angular (55°) winding configurations, that allow for enhanced signal intensity. Miniature navigation coils with 58 AWG (.00039 in.) ultra-fine wirewinding are produced in ISO 14644 compliant, Class 100,000 (ISO 8) clean room facilities. Value-added services include microscopic soldering, terminations, and connections.

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New Miniature Coil Capability from Precision Available in Unique-in-Industry Angular Winding Configurations for Enhanced Signal Intensity

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Precision, Inc. ( announces the global launch of the company´s miniature coil manufacturing capabilities for medical navigation technologies. These assemblies feature ultra-fine wire winding in a wide variety of configurations –including unique-in-the-industry angular winding configurations- that allow for enhanced signal intensity.

Miniature Coil / Ultra-Fine Wire Winding Capabilities

Precision has the demonstrated capability to produce miniature navigation coils with 58 AWG (.00039” or .0099mm) ultra-fine wire winding resulting in key real-estate savings and yield enhancement benefits for medical device design engineers. Miniaturization is a strong trend in medical navigation equipment as smaller technologies can reach otherwise inaccessible regions of the body, minimize disruption of regular body function, minimize energy consumption and increase technology lifespan.

Real-Estate Savings & Enhanced Design Flexibility

Medical coils produced in ISO 14644 compliant, Class 100,000 (ISO 8) clean room facilities with ultra-fine 58 AWG wire generate significant real-estate savings. Specifically, the 58 AWG ultra-fine wire generates up to 50% space savings when compared to the use of 52 AWG wire and up to 30% space savings when compared to the use of 55 AWG wire. These real estate savings allow for the creation of smaller medical navigation technologies and also provide engineers with significantly enhanced design options in the design of new navigation technologies.

Value-Added Services

In addition to being able to produce miniature coils with ultra-fine 58 AWG wire, Precision, Inc has best-in-class knowledge of the associated processes required to ensure maximum yield. Precision´s value-added services include expert handling, as well as microscopic soldering, terminations and connections that ensure optimal performance. Precision has the capability to reduce costs by streamlining the supply chain- incorporating design, assembly and packaging into a single supplier.

Angular Winding Configurations

Precision also has the demonstrated capability to provide ultra-fine wire winding in a wide variety of configurations including a unique-in-the-industry angular configuration. The angular winding configuration features wire at a 55° angle (known in the industry as the “magic angle”) to the coil axis which has been proven to improve signal intensity for optimal sensing performance.

This unique configuration greatly simplifies design processes. Previously, miniature coils required the addition of some element that would position the coil precisely at a 55° angle to the coil axis. Now the real-estate and cost associated with this extra element are no longer required as the wire itself is already wound at a precise 55° angle to the coil axis. Removing the need for an additional angling element also ensures superior performance as less components provide fewer areas for error.

Precision, Inc´s miniature coil capabilities featuring 58 AWG ultra-fine wire winding and unique-in-the-industry angular winding configurations were showcased at booth 567 of MD&M West 2014 (February 11-13, 2014 - Anaheim, CA).

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