Miniature Ball Screws offer max speed of 4,500 rpm.

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Available with 0.5-3 mm leads, 5 mm Miniature Ball Screws come in 4 nut styles. Single nut Series 1112 has connecting thread without wipers, while single nut Series 1412 has double flange and wipers on both ends, and Series 1214 consists of cylindrical nut without wipers. Using end-cap ball returns manufactured from plastic rather than metal tubes, single nut Series 2422 is virtually noiseless. Applications include micromanipulators, miniature robotics, and compact actuators.

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New Miniature Ball Screw Series

BURLINGTON, MA, November 12, 2009 --Steinmeyer, Inc. has announced a new product to its extensive line of miniature ball screws. These 5mm diameter screws are the perfect solution in applications such as micromanipulators, miniature robotics and compact actuators! Available in four nut styles, series 1112 single nut with connecting thread without wipers, series 1412 is a single nut with double flange and wipers on both ends, series 1214 is a cylindrical nut without wipers and series 2422 is our "quiet line" series, with a single nut that uses end-cap ball returns manufactured from plastic rather than metal tubes, making the screw virtually noiseless! All are available with leads ranging from 0.5 mm-3 mm and offer a maximum speed of 4500 RPM.

The Steinmeyer group is comprised of two manufacturing divisions located in Germany. August Steinmeyer GmbH & Co. KG (located in Albstadt) has been setting standards for high precision ball screws for over 40 years and prides itself on high quality, innovative designs to meet demanding customer requirements. Our Feinmess Dresden (FMD) division has been producing an extensive line of high precision positioning systems for well over 130 years.

For further information on this new product or others in our extensive product portfolio call 1-781-273-6220 or visit the Steinmeyer group at the following web site:

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