Mini-PCI Audio/Video Capture Card offers H/W H.264 encode.

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Based on Techwell TW2815 video decoder and SPCT6100 H.264 encoder DSP, 4-channel MP-6100 delivers high-quality audio and video capture for applications requiring minimal consumption of storage space. Features include clamp, gain controllers, and 4H comb filters, which separate luminance and chrominance to reduce cross-noise artifacts. Along with accepting all NTSC/PAL standards, frame grabber also incorporates H.264 baseline Entropy and Motion Estimation data engine.

Original Press Release:

4 CH Mini-PCI Video Capture Card with H/W H.264 Encode

Taiwan Commate Computer Inc.(COMMELL), the worldwide leader of single board computers, introduced the four channel video and audio capture Mini-PCI Card MP-6100 that based on Techwell`s TW2815 video decoder and SPCT6100 H.264 encoder DSP, has a high quality audio and video capture solutions and minimum consumption of valuable storage space.

The MP-6100 includes four high quality NTSC/PAL video decoders that convert analog composites video signals to digital data, and contains four 10 bit ADCs, proprietary clamp, gain controllers, 4H comb filters for separating luminance & chrominance to reduce cross noise artifacts. The MP-6100 also includes an audio CODEC which has four audio Analog-to-Digital converters.

It is required to encode the data streams for saving the storage so that the recording period could be extended, the MP-6100 provides H.264 hardware encoder, incorporate H.264 baseline Entropy and Motion Estimation data engine for improving the performance of H.264 bit stream.

The MP-6100 is shipped as a complete hardware and SDK package. The package includes MP-6100 Mini Card, cales, user`s manual(CD) and Windows XP SDK or Linux SDK for software development.

  • Mini PCI TYPE IIIB complies with PCI 2.2, Complies with RoHS
  • Accepts all NTSC/ PAL standards
  • 4 channels of CIF H.264 at 120fps or one channel D1 H.264 at 30fps
  • De-interlacing of analog input streams
  • Video port provides 1/2 or 1/4 down scaling, Color transform from 4:2:0 to 4:2:2, basic front-end OSD.
  • Each video capture port can be separated into two parts, Record and Live path
  • 4 channels audio codec
  • 8-bit GPIO

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