Mini Magnets assist in small part assembly.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring 10-28 lb magnetic force, Mini Magnets are 2 5/16 x 2 5/8 in. and are designed for alignment and assembly of small magnetic metal parts. Angles of 45 x 30/60 x 90° accommodate wide variety of applications. Sold as six-pack in reusable storage box, magnets feature large center hole for easy handling and positioning. Magnets can be combined to hold multiple parts at different angles and allow flexibility in tight space clamping.

Original Press Release:

The MINI Magnet That's BIG On Convenience!

The new Mini Magnets from Strong Hand® are designed for joining small magnetic-metal
parts, such as handles, round or square pipes, and small plates to any other
magnetic-metal surface to allow alignment and assembly when hand positioning is
either not possible or too time-consuming.

These multi-angled Mini Magnets are just 2-5/16 inches in height and 2-5/8 inches
wide, with 45-degree by 30/60 degree by 90-degree angles to accomodate a wide
variety of applications. The Mini Magnets are sold in a six-pack in a convenient,
resusable storage box. The reusable box makes it easy to store the magnets, or take along for on-the-job use out in the field.

Each Mini Magnet has a large center hole for easy handling and positioning. With a
magnetic force of 10 to 28 pounds, the Mini Magnets are ideal for light-duty, quicksetup applications. One, two, or even all six Mini Magnets can be used, depending on the size of the job. The user can gang them up to hold multiple parts at multiple
angles. The small size of the Mini Magnets allows the user more flexibility in tight
space clamping. Each Mini Magnet has a brightly colored label, making them ideal for
jobs requiring color coding.

For more information on the Mini Magnets, call V.P. of Sales Ray Strickland at:
800.989.5244 Ext. 215, or e-mail Ray at: Visit us on the web at:

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