Minerals, Metals and the Malvern Morphologi!

Malvern, UK: Particle characterization by image analysis using the Morphologi G3 from Malvern Instruments is proving valuable in a diverse range of mineral and metals applications. The shape and size of mineral and metal particles can play an important role in determining process efficiency and final product quality in applications spanning the measurement of metal powders for Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) to the production of mineral-based cosmetics. Now, a new and freely available audiovisual presentation 'Measuring the morphology of minerals and metals' and an application note 'Comparison of metal powders produced by different atomization processes for metal injection molding using the Morphologi G3', which are both accessed via the Malvern website, provide additional applications information and case examples.

In her presentation, Dr Deborah Huck, Product Technical Specialist - Morphological Imaging Systems, describes how particle characterization by automated image analysis can help researchers and developers understand the properties of mineral and metal materials. She provides several examples of understanding particle morphology properties and controlling processing behaviour for materials such as gypsum, silica used in toothpaste, graphite for battery coating film, and tungsten carbide. www.malvern.com/morphologi_metals_minerals

The downloadable application note describes a detailed case study. Here the Morphologi G3 is used to reveal how atomized metal powders with similar particle size distributions, produced by two different atomizing processes, can have very different shape properties, and how such parameters can be assessed. www.malvern.com/G3_injection_molding

The Morphologi G3 from Malvern Instruments is a fully automated image analysis-based particle characterization system that delivers particle size and shape information for wet and dry samples. Capable of analyzing particles from 0.5 to 10000 µm, and capturing microscope quality images of hundreds of thousands of particles in just a few minutes, the Morphologi G3 measures a wide range of size and shape parameters. Single-click measurements minimise user intervention, saving time and eliminating user bias, while powerful software tools make it easy to visualise, classify and filter results.

View the presentation at www.malvern.com/morphologi_metals_minerals Download the application note www.malvern.com/G3_injection_molding

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