Minature Roller Conveyor suits light-duty parts handling.

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Measuring 29.5 mm wide, EF-6045 Mini Plastic Wheel Conveyors are constructed with aluminum-alloy rails, 28 mm dia wheels, and stainless steel axles. They have 900 mm span with proportional limit of 167 lb and max load limit of 270 lb. Sections, available in 2.5 and 4 m lengths, can be cut to required size and are suited for flow racks in part-handling applications or return of empty tote boxes/containers. Components are also offered in ESD static dissipation version.

Original Press Release:

Creform® System on a Roll... A Mini-Roll

Creform® Corporation has unveiled one of its latest components to enhance the economy and versatility of the Creform System for building custom material handling structures. The new EF-6045 Mini Plastic Wheel Conveyors are a scaled down version (in both size and price) of existing EF-2044 and EF-2045 "skatewheel" style conveyor units. The new mini conveyor sections are ideal for flow racks in light duty part handling applications or returns for empty tote boxes and containers. The mini conveyor sections cost approximately 35% less than their larger relatives while still providing adequate strength for a wide variety of applications-a 900mm span has a proportional limit of 76 kgf (167 lbs.) and a maximum load limit of 123 kgf (270 lbs.).

Though costing less, the EF-6045 section offers quality construction featuring high strength aluminum alloy rails, durable plastic wheels, and stainless steel axles. The mini conveyors have a 29.5mm width and wheels of 28mm dia (as compared to the 40mm wide and wheels of either 34mm dia or 44mm dia on the standard units). Sections are available in 2.5 and 4 meter lengths (8' 2" or 13' 1"), and are easily cut to required size. Mini conveyor components are also offered in an ESD static dissipation version for electronics handling applications. These include the conveyors, basic conveyor mounts, stop mounts and stabilizer mounts.

Using Creform components, consisting of plastic coated pipes, joints, and hardware accessories, the list of application-based material handling structures may include: Push and trailerable carts; single and multiple lane flow racks; roller conveyors; hinged shelf carts; tilting racks and tables; height adjustable work tables and workstations. Drive units and easy-install guidance systems provide economical Automated Guided Cart operations.

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