Milling Chucks offer heavy clamping.

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Power Milling Chucks withstand up to 200 lb-ft of tightening force without damaging mechanism. Internal diameter collapse capability allows use of tools that are not H6 tolerance. Chucks provide concentricity with collet like 360° clamping to eliminate side lock tool offset. They come in V-Flange, BT, or HSK shanks.

Original Press Release:

Power Milling Chucks Offer Affordable Heavy Clamping

Fairport, N.Y. - July 3, 2002 - Parlec offers heavy clamping with its Power Milling Chuck, along with concentricity, balance, precision and speed, standard in all products that make up the company's high performance toolholding line for high speed machining.

Consisting of Power Milling Chucks, HP Collet Chucks, Shrink fit holders, ER Collet Chucks and both Balanced and Balanceable holders, all of these Parlec high performance products come in V-flange, BT, or HSK shanks. The balanceable system can be applied
to any holder. These holders also come available with Parlec's Simul-fit system.

Providing heavier wall thickness and increased clamping than the average collet chuck, Parlec's high performance Power Milling Chucks will withstand up to 200 ft/lbs of tightening force without damaging the mechanism, all with an internal diameter collapse capability that allows use of tools that are not H6 tolerance.

"The new Power Milling Chucks provide superior concentricity with its collet like 360 degree clamping to eliminate side lock tool offset," said David Hartman, toolholding product manager at Parlec. "This concentricity leads to improved tool life, finish and precision."

Other high performance toolholding products provide added benefits such as Parlec's HP Collet Chuck with drilling and milling speeds as high as 25,000 rpm and the company's ER Collet Chuck that delivers the highest coolant pressure seal capabilities.

"The Shrink Fit offers the best available system for high speed milling applications, while our Balanceable toolholding products utilize patented radial offset technology," commented Hartman on two other Parlec high performance toolholding products.

Parlec offers the largest selection of standard toolholding products and accessories in North America. Its Power Milling Chucks serve all heavy milling and drilling operations that desire improved tool life and performance.

Parlec, Inc., with headquarters in Fairport, N.Y., has over a half century of experience in CNC tooling innovations and manufactures entirely in the U.S.A. With over 750 distributors throughout North America and Europe, Parlec serves all tooling, workholding and tool measuring needs with its six product lines and over 8,000 individual products.

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