Milacron Moves ahead in the Medical Parts Industry

Cincinnati Ohio, November, 2007 - CIMCOOL®, a long time industry leader in metalworking fluids technology, is experiencing rapid growth in the medical parts manufacturing industry. Excellent quality and economical solutions are at the core of this expansion.

Medical parts manufacturing is a rapidly growing market. The high demand for medical procedures including joint replacements, heart catheterizations, abdominal surgery, liposuction, colonoscopies, and many others, have generated an increase for precision instrumentation.

Reliability and quality are critical to a in the medical instruments industry. Therefore, manufactures of these precision instruments are focused on finding quality products that will streamline costs and efficiency, without forfeiting quality.

Several products in Milacron's CIMCOOL® line have been embraced by precision manufacturers, for a variety of reasons, including:
o Excellent lubricity and tool life

o Ease of cleaning

o Compatibility with medical parts metal alloys

o Improvement in part quality and finish

o Increased sump life

o Excellent filtration

Milacron strives to provide the best products at the most economical cost. This coupled with highly skilled research and development teams have enabled Milacron to develop products that meet and exceeded the expectations of the medical supply industry. Continued efforts will result in additional advancements and growth in this product line.

CIMCOOL, headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio is the world leader in metalworking fluid technology. Visit our web site at

Some of the most popular CIMCOOL® products being used in the medical tool industry include:

o CIMTECH® 310 SYNTHETIC, METALWORKING FLUIDCIMTECH® 310 metalworking fluid is recommended for machining and grinding operations, including creep feed grinding, on non-ferrous or ferrous metals.

o CIMTECH® 495 is recommended for machining and grinding operations on ferrous materials, and some aluminum alloys where a heavy-duty synthetic fluid is desired. It is an excellent choice for central system applications.

o CIMSTAR® 540 is a clear, water soluble, semisynthetic product having good rust control and excellent rancidity control.

o CIMSTAR® 3890 SEMI-SYNTHETIC, METALWORKING FLUID CIMSTAR® 3890 is designed for general machining of aluminum parts. It can also be used for other nonferrous and ferrous machining or grinding operations.

o CIMPERIAL® 1070 SOLUBLE OIL, METALWORKING FLUID CIMPERIAL® 1070 is a premium soluble oil designed for moderate to heavy-duty operations for ferrous and nonferrous machining and grinding applications. This product is recommended for a wide variety of operations and metals, making it an excellent general-purpose product.

o MILPRO® 850CF - for heavy-duty broaching, gear cutting, stamping, and tapping - Excellent general-purpose oil for screw machines

o CIMSTAR® QUAL STAR® XLH SEMI-SYNTHETIC, METALWORKING LUIDCIMSTAR® QUAL STAR® XLH is recommended for general purpose machining and grinding of ferrous metals. It can also be used on some moderate to heavy-duty applications on non-ferrous metals.

Milacron, Inc. is a global leader in the design, manufacture and service of metalworking fluid technology. It is a leading supplier of fluid services, which support the metalworking industry, to manage metalworking fluids and reduce costs. Milacron, Inc is an ISO certified company 9001/14001.

For additional information on these and other CIMCOOL products, please visit our website at, and click on the MSDS and Product Information menu.

CIMCOOL, headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio is the world leader in metalworking fluid technology. Visit our web site at

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