mig33 Launches Prepaid Distribution in South Africa

Registration in Area Balloons to 2 Million; Prepaid mig33 Offering to be Available in More Than 1,000 Retail Locations across South Africa

BURLINGAME, Calif., Jan. 16 - mig33, the global mobile social network, today announced the company obtained a distribution license in South Africa with the assistance of the DNR Group. The company's first partnership in South Africa with Lutiek Distributor enables mig33 to offer prepaid services at more than 1,000 retail locations to the more than 2 million people already using mig33 across the country. The company is actively working to expand its presence in the area and hopes to announce similar partnerships in the coming months.

With this deal mig33 is now a viable option for prepaid card vendors looking for a differentiated product to add to their distribution channel, opening access to mig33's loyal base of repeat buyers to them for the first time. Unlike traditional prepaid phone cards which just offer voice calls, mig33's prepaid offers users access to a mix of free and inexpensive services like VoIP calls, instant messaging, text messaging, social networking and community features, and in the future mobile content, allowing users to apply their prepaid value to a variety of services beyond international voice.

"So many companies focus on areas of the world where they can generate the most advertising revenue, which means the majority are focused solely on the U.S. and UK," said Steven Goh, co-founder and CEO of mig33. "Those areas are very important for us as well, but relatively smaller markets like South Africa are often overlooked and are hungry for attention. These areas can drive a lot of data revenue for a company willing to take the time to attend to them."

mig33 works on most mobile phones, even basic models, regardless of carrier, and creates an instant global mobile community experience to share with existing and new friends. The technology was built for the mobile phone, making mig33 an integrated and easy way to access and use instant communications around the globe. Users share content while chatting in forums or specific chat rooms they create to build their own personal communities.

For more information about mig33 please visit http://www.mig33.com/.

About mig33

mig33 is the award winning global mobile Internet community. Located in Burlingame, California, mig33 was named DEMOGod at the fall 2007 DEMO Conference, and selected as the winner of Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal's 2007 Emerging Technologies Awards in the category of Social Networking. With more than 9 million global users already, mig33 offers mobile phone users the power of the Internet and cost savings on VoIP calls, text messaging, instant messaging, chat rooms, profiles and photo sharing. For more information, visit http://www.mig33.com/

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