MIG Welding Consumables Platform keeps contact tips cooler.

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Extending consumable parts life, Velocity™ platform features contact tips with shielding gas ports that keep tip 30% cooler. Gas porting in contact tip, coupled with all-copper conductive path with fewer connections, promotes electrical and thermal conductivity, while running temperature of contact tip reduces ability for spatter to stick. Thread-less, drop-in contact tips can be exchanged without tools, and design employs heat-treated, stainless threaded sleeve.

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Tweco Launches Revolutionary New Velocity(TM) MIG Consumables Platform


St. Louis, MO — Tweco, an ESAB brand, today introduced the patent pending Velocity MIG welding consumables platform. The contact tips feature shielding gas ports that keep the tip 30% cooler. By running cooler, consumable parts life is improved up to 5X or more in some applications. Tweco will integrate Velocity consumables on its Spray Master MIG guns releasing in mid October, along with retrofit kits for existing Spray Master guns and following shortly, for their Classic Number Series.

“Tweco Velocity establishes the next generation range of MIG welding consumables - and defines a new standard of performance and life that will drive increased productivity while reducing costs for end user customers ,” says David Wilton, Vice President, Welding Products.

Several unique changes define Velocity and deliver meaningful performance enhancements.  Gas porting in the contact tip, coupled with an all-copper conductive path with fewer connections, improves electrical and thermal conductivity dramatically.

Tweco engineers demonstrated this unique solution improves conductivity and manages thermal effects to achieve improved arc stability by 15%. “Velocity is a result of our engineers pursuing better arc characteristics and contact tip life,” says Ross Fleischmann, Senior Brand Manager, “however, additional benefits were achieved because we listened to welders, and took the pain out of maintaining MIG consumables.”

Because the contact tip runs cooler, it reduces the ability for spatter to stick, so the tip needs less cleaning. Fewer threads and a careful consideration of the thread design also deliver more convenience and reliability. Extra threads were eliminated by implementing a thread-less, drop in style contact tip.  Contact tips can be exchanged without the use of tools. Conventional designs employ soft on soft thread designs made of copper or brass, an approach plagued with cross-threading, seizing, and premature wear. Velocity employs a heat treated stainless threaded sleeve, which further alleviates much of these problems.

“The drop-in style tip also eliminates the hassle associated with burn backs. There’s no need to get out vice-grips when the electrode fuses inside the tip,” adds Fleischmann. “Velocity reduces the part count compared to typical, conventional consumables, which further simplifies inventory management.”

Finally, Velocity maintains tight, positive alignment and adjustment which welders find critical. Velocity offers traditionally threaded nozzles, as well as a slip adjustable nozzle with a unique indexed collar enabling the welder to define the contact tip-to-nozzle relationship – protruding, flush, or recessed.

“Welding supervisors appreciate tighter, more positive front end adjustments and settings that do not loosen up over time,” says Fleischmann. “It enables more control of contact tip-to-work distance, maintaining more consistent welding practice throughout the shop.”

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