Midland Mfg Installs New Molding Equipment at Brass Foundry

Midland Manufacturing Company, a brass, bronze and aluminum foundry, located in Fort Worth Texas since 1889, is well known for its custom castings, architectural castings and unique product lines.   Midland has recently made a major commitment to the future of the industry and our economy by  installing a state of the art Sinto molding machine.  This horizontally parted flaskless molding machine incorporates the latest aeration sand fill and squeeze technology to help produce some of the highest quality castings available anywhere.  The low noise output is a great benefit for operators and the new low energy requirements are expected to reduce energy consumption.  Chuck Davis, Operations Manager, says that preliminary job runs indicate that we expect to see a significant increase in overall throughput and a drop in the scrap rate well below projected targets as well as many other production and operational benefits.

Sinto also installed a custom mold handling system to fit well within the previous footprint providing additional floor space that is always precious within any foundry.  This new mold handling system is also smooth, quiet and succinct.  This system is able to handle more that twice the mold load of the previous system and provides a higher level production with a sleek and simple design. This new equipment also allows Midland  to take its lean manufacturing processes to a whole new level.

George Westhoff, Jr., President, commented that with renewed confidence in the US economy and the moving of significant foundry production back on shore from the migration of more than a decade ago, he wanted Midland to be in a position enhance current customer production jobs as well as be prepared to open the door for new opportunities as they present themselves.

For more information about Midland Manufacturing Company, please visit http://www.midland-midco.com/. You can also contact Owen Daniel, General Manager, to speak with him about your special projects and casting requirements, 800-678-4848.

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