Middleware Suite is suited for IPTV video services.

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Bstream® Middleware Suite v3.0, comprised of Bstream® Server v3.0 and Bstream® Guide v3.0, features scalable architecture designed to reduce complexity of video deployments over broadband networks. Fully integrated digital video recorder permits users to control and manage recording and access programming on digital set top boxes. Suited for telecommunication and broadband operators, solution also offers end-to-end support for Windows Media 9 Series.

Original Press Release:

Broadstream Communications Announces Release of Bstream(R) Middleware Suite 3.0

Fully enabled digital video recording (DVR) and WM9 content support for IP digital television services

BELLEVUE, Wash., Nov. 15 -- Broadstream Communications, Inc., the industry leader in outsourced IP video head-end and content distribution and management services, today announces the release of its Bstream(R) Middleware Suite 3.0 -- encompassing Bstream(R) Server 3.0 and Bstream(R) Guide 3.0.

The Bstream(R) Middleware Suite, through its scalable architecture and unique feature sets, is designed to enhance revenue, while reducing the cost and complexity of video deployments over any broadband network. The Bstream(R) Middleware Suite 3.0 enables telcos and broadband operators to offer compelling and competitive IPTV products and services, and serves as a future-proof foundation for the applications and services of tomorrow.

Two key features in Bstream(R) 3.0 are a fully integrated digital video recorder (DVR) -- allowing users to control and manage the recording and accessing of programming on digital set top boxes, and complete end-to-end support of Windows Media 9 Series. Operators utilizing Windows Media 9 Series for IPTV and video on demand (VOD) can realize significant bandwidth efficiencies (and capital savings) in their deployment of video services.

"The Bstream(R) Middleware Suite provides our valued customers with an integrated, intuitive and cost effective IPTV management solution," said Anthony Bontrager, President and Chief Executive Officer of Broadstream. "Coupled with the Broadstream IP content delivery network, the Bstream(R) Middleware Suite completes an end-to-end IPTV video services offering that simplifies and shortens the product development and implementation timeframe for our customers."

"Windows Media Services 9 Series, including the new Windows Media Video Advanced Profile, brings the highest-quality experience to IPTV and VOD at the lowest bit rates," said Erin Cullen, group product manager in the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp. "Windows Media 9 Series enables Broadstream to deliver a high-quality and compression-efficient solution in its Bstream(R) Middleware Suite 3.0 to the burgeoning IPTV market."

Bstream(R) Server 3.0

Bstream(R) Server 3.0 is a scalable service management solution that provides the necessary tools to deploy and manage a fully scalable, and cost- effective IPTV service offering. Remote troubleshooting and updating capabilities reduce costly truck rolls, which help lower operating costs associated with the deployment of integrated IPTV services. Key components of Bstream(R) Server 3.0 include:

o Easy to Learn / Intuitive UI
o Pay-Per-View Management
o Remote Management
o Windows Media Services
o System Management
o OSS Interface
o Subscriber Management
o Reporting & Content Auditing
o Video on Demand Management
o Integrated Content Security
o IPTV Management

Bstream(R) Guide 3.0

Bstream(R) Guide 3.0 is an "out-of-the-box" deployable interactive program guide for IPTV, video-on-demand, and other advanced broadband services. Integrated auto-provisioning streamlines the customer activity enabling revenue-generating services within minutes. The intuitive user interface offers simple, easy to use control of the many features and services of Bstream(R) Guide 3.0, including:

o Television Guide
o On-Screen Help
o IPTV & Pay-Per-View
o Closed Caption Support
o Digital Video Recorder
o Account Purchase Log
o Internet
o Subscription Upgrades
o Favorites & Reminders
o Auto Provisioning
o Parental Controls
o EAS Enabled

About Broadstream Communications, Inc.

Broadstream Communications, Inc., is the leading provider of managed IPTV network services and content management platforms, that enable the unconstrained delivery of national television content to telecom service providers across the United States. Broadstream operates the industry's first all digital (IP) virtual head-end network and service offering that enables service providers to create an efficient, cost-effective video service offering that breaks economic and performance barriers imposed by self-built head-end systems. With ubiquitous coverage of the entire continental United States from our satellites, Broadstream offers the most extensive IP Video network in the world, and is able to offer the most flexible and complete video solution in the industry. Broadstream is headquartered in Bellevue, WA. Additional information can be found at http://www.broadstream.com/.

Contact: Ben Goux
Broadstream Communications, Inc.
Phone: 425-709-3800
Email: bgoux@broadstream.com

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