Mida Optical Twin Probe System Streamlines Machine Tool Applications - New from Marposs at WESTEC 2009

January 30, 2008, Auburn Hills, MI - A new system that enables the installation of both tool setting and part inspection probes onto machine tools using a single wireless interface unit will be presented by Marposs Corp. at WESTEC 2009 in booth 2519, March 30 - April 2, in Los Angeles. The new Mida Optical Twin Probe System, which incorporates an extremely compact, tube-type Optical Receiver Interface (ORI), simplifies probing applications, especially in situations where connecting cables prove difficult, such as installations on machines with rotary tables or twin pallets.

This powerful combination facilitates the speedy measurement of tool length, diameter and breakage detection, together with part set-up and inspection, in one easily installed package.

The robust system combines the ORI unit with the new Mida OTS30 optical transmission tool setting probe and E83WA touch probe, providing excellent repeatability, sturdy design and a large transmission envelope.

The "Twin Application" is managed easily by Marposs probing cycles, switching automatically between OTS30 and E83WA according to the task in hand. This is one of the most fundamental tasks, given that working and measurement speed are among the most important features of machine tools.

Other new products to be presented by Marposs at WESTEC include the Mida Laser 75P programmable, non-contact tool setting system and the Merlin Mobile wrist-mounted, portable gauge computer.
Complete information on the new Mida Optical Twin Probe system can be found on the company's web site www.marposs.com, by calling toll-free 1-888-627-7677 or by e-mail to marposs@us.marposs.com

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