Microwave/PIR Detector adjusts to surroundings.

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Powering up each time to first of 12 sensitivity modes, C100 Series samples environment and automatically selects most appropriate detection mode, optimizing intruder catch and stability. Faced with hostility and/or tranquility, sensors detect stimulus strong enough to generate signal, but insufficient in strength to indicate alarm, automatically changing sensitivity modes and minimizing false alarms. Detector actively tests both channels regularly for optimal performance.

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Power Up Our C100 Series Dual Microwave/PIR Detector & Watch It Seamlessly Adjust To Your Surroundings

Every major manufacturer's wireless products put to test in an independent testing laboratory did not perform as well as Napco's Gemini series. Napco's long-range RF reliability performed as much as 50% higher than other top brands. Even in the toughest industrial warehousing, Napco's Gemini Crystal-Control Window/Door Transmitters and Keyfobs cut thru obstructions with stronger signal strength for superior range and reliability.

New to Napco's innovative Gemini products is our adaptive microwave/PIR detector which powers up each time to the first of 12 sensitivity modes. Our C100 Series samples your environment and automatically selects the most appropriate detection mode, optimizing both intruder catch and stability. Faced with hostility and/or tranquillity, our sensors detect a stimulus strong enough to generate a signal, but insufficient in strength to indicate an alarm. The detector will automatically change sensitivity modes, effectively widening the gap between the detected signal and its alarm threshold. Therefore, environmental disturbances, those that are registered by the PIR and/or microwave sensor, are better tolerated and false alarms are dramatically reduced, far surpassing the performance of conventional dual technology devices.

Our detectors literally adjust to its surroundings minute-by-minute, once disturbances quiet. The intelligent detector once again escalates its sensitivity, mode-by-mode so you always enjoy the highest level of fast intruder-catch detection and false alarm protection. Napco's C100 Series makes sensitivity and critical range adjustments seamlessly, working on your behalf 24/7. Any activity beyond the unit's protected area, detected by the microwave section is automatically compensated for. The unit actively tests both its channels (PIR and Microwave), regularly to make sure it's always performing optimally. An absolute solution to false alarms, callbacks and service calls - Napco's adaptive detectors such as our C100 Series virtually pay for themselves in time and in money you save.

To learn more about Napco's C100 Series Dual Microwave/PIR Detection capability, please contact your local distributor or visit www.napcosecurity.com. If you have any questions about our vast line of security products or want to register for CEU accredited field training, feel free to contact a Napco sales manager or customer service representative at 1-800-645-9445.

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