MicroTool CFC Sniffer

Portable Refrigerant Leak Detector

The BRAND NEW 7893 Mini Refrigerant Sniffer is a portable, rugged & VERY easy-to-use leak detection tool ideal for any HVAC Professional.

The 7893 is equipped with a highly sensitive tip to Pin-Point small leaks of ANY refrigerant gases from piping and/or appliances.

The 7893 MicroTool Refrigerant Sniffer includes:
o Economical, Hand-Held & VERY Easy to Use!
o 16" Fully Flexible Probe for Hard-to-Reach Places
o Detects CFC, HFC, HCFC such as R12, R22, R134A, R 410, R404, Puron 412a and similar
o Built-In Flashlight!
o Audio Alarm, BIG Visual LED Screen, & VIBRATION!
o Adjustable Sensitivity
o Response Time: < 2 Seconds

For additional information, please contact E Instruments' HVAC Department, Attention:

Jason Esteves,

172 Middletown Blvd.,

Suite B201,


PA 19047

Tel: 215-750-1212,

Fax: 215-750-1399

Email: jesteves@einstrumentsgoup.com

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Marketing Coordinator
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