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Microscopy Software streamlines image capture and analysis.

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Sep 30, 2009 - In industrial laboratories where analysis routines can be complex, Stream v1.3 guides user from simple image capture to multifaceted material science applications. Instant EFI delivers sharply focused images in 1 click, while Interactive MIA lets users create panoramic images on-the-fly, and AutoCal eliminates microscope calibrations. NetCam offers intranet viewing of live images for collaboration and discussion. All material science applications run in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards.

Olympus Corporation of the Americas - Center Valley, PA

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New Olympus Stream v1.3 Material Science Microscopy Software Stream-Lines Image Capture, Analysis and Data Management

Press release date: Sep 21, 2009

Center Valley, Pa., September 21, 2009 -- Industrial engineers, quality-control inspectors and researchers can perform image capture and analysis tasks quicker and easier than ever, thanks to the groundbreaking new Olympus microscopy software platform, Stream v1.3. In industrial laboratory environments where analysis routines can be complex and workflows difficult to manage, Stream's intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) guides the user from simple image capture to multifaceted material science applications.

The program has numerous features that allow operators to attain usable results quickly and easily: Instant EFI delivers sharply focused images in one click, Interactive MIA allows users to create panoramic images on the fly, AutoCal eliminates tedious microscope calibrations, and NetCam offers intranet viewing of live images for collaboration and discussion.

"Olympus designed Stream to have the easiest, most intuitive GUI available anywhere," explained Olympus product manager Linda Sikel. "People are amazed at the ease with which they can access the power of the system to provide them with live and archived images, plus the reliable statistical data they need to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. Our custom processing and analysis engine (CPAE) ensures behind-the-scenes communication that streamlines the process from initial image capture, analysis and measurement to reporting, archiving and database management."

The Stream library offers solutions for more than a dozen of the most widely used material science applications such as point and count, phase analysis, grains, inclusions, cast iron, weld, banding, decarburization and dendrite spacing. All applications run in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards. Furthermore, Stream is easy to install and use. Most users are up and running within a day, and Olympus offers training and ongoing support either online or at customer facilities.

There are five versions of the software, so it can be configured to meet any organization's individual requirements. Users who require secure top-level client server image/data workflow management and storage may prefer the fully modular Stream Enterprise, which is designed to handle the highest volumes of data, interfacing with Microsoft SQL(TM) and Oracle(TM) DBMS; the system can network entire organizations internally or externally via the Internet.

Stream Motion is designed for users who want to control Olympus automated microscopes, digital cameras and related accessories from Olympus or other manufacturers, along with x-y-z scanning stages from Prior, Ludl Electronic Products (LEP), or Maerzhaueser, and automation high performance controllers such as Objective Imaging's OASIS-blue. When automated equipment is not in use, the Stream Essentials platform provides the needed power for Extended Focal Imaging or Multiple Image Acquisition. Stream Start and Stream Basic add efficiency and performance for users with less complex but equally vital requirements.

For more information on the Olympus Stream software platform, contact Linda Sikel at Olympus America Inc., 3500 Corporate Parkway, Center Valley, PA 18034-0610 USA; phone (484) 896-5791, email or visit

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