Microinjection System penetrates suspended cells.

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CELLINJECTOR(TM) v2.0 achieves microinjection at 0.8 sec per cell, and can automatically line up 1,000 suspended cells and inject within 30 min. System is comprised of glass capillary, moving X-Y platform, perforated silicon chip (for suspended cells), 35 mm Petri dish holder (for adherent cells), digital camera, microscope, and computer controller. Fluorescent microscope option allows injectate amount control and post-injection observation.

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The Biosciences Group of Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation Introduces Version 2.0 of CELLINJECTOR Automated Microinjection System

Global Leader in Solutions for Experimental Scientists Unveils First-Ever Microinjection System for Adherent Cells as Well as Suspended Cells

WESTWOOD, Mass., June 29 / / -- The BioSciences Group of Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today announced that it has released Version 2.0 of its CELLINJECTOR(TM) automated microinjection system for large-scale direct injection of agents through cell membranes. A major new feature of CELLINJECTOR(TM) Version 2.0 is the ability to enable automated injection of adherent cells as well as suspended cells -- the first microinjection system to achieve this capability.

The CELLINJECTOR system is an efficient, high-throughput, automated method for directly injecting a large number of cells. CELLINJECTOR is computer- controlled, so operators do not need months or years of injection training to perform accurate cellular injections. CELLINJECTOR achieves throughput up to 200 times faster than conventional manual microinjection.

Dr. Michael J. McManus, vice president for business development of the BioSciences Group, said, "In response to market demand following the release of the automated CELLINJECTOR system for microinjection of suspended cells, Fujitsu has developed an upgraded version that adds adherent-cell capability, vastly broadening the number of cell types researchers can inject with the device. This enables researchers to easily perform thousands of successful injections per day on both suspended and adherent cells."

He added, "A key feature incorporated in this new release is an auto- assisted precision microinjection function with a 'point-and-click' interface. This function allows researchers to simply click on the region of the cell they want to inject, and the machine immediately injects it as fast as they can click, at speeds of up to an estimated 500 to 600 cells per hour -- far faster than conventional manual microinjection."

CELLINJECTOR Version 2.0 features and capabilities include:

o Adherent Cell Capability -- CELLINJECTOR can inject cells cultured in standard 35mm Petri dishes and be applied to broad range of adherent cells
o Batch Processing -- CELLINJECTOR allows up to 1,000 suspended cells to be automatically lined up at once, enabling a large number of cells to be injected quickly
o High Throughput -- CELLINJECTOR achieves microinjection at a speed of 0.8 seconds per cell. In suspended mode with a specially designed dish unit, up to 1,000 cells can be injected within 30 minutes -- up to 200 times faster than conventional manual methods
o Fluorescent Microscope Option -- for precise injectate amount control and post-injection observation

CELLINJECTOR is comprised of several components, including a glass capillary, a moving X-Y platform, a perforated silicon chip (for suspended cells), a 35mm Petri dish holder (for adherent cells), a digital camera, a microscope and a computer controller. For suspended cells, the computer instructs the X-Y platform how to position the capillary at each cell membrane on the perforated silicon chip and then to inject the cell. This process is repeated for each cell on the chip. For adherent cells, the operator observes the locations of cells on a computer screen and points and clicks to deliver injectate to the desired location.

The automatic nature of CELLINJECTOR makes it ideal to integrate cellular injection into pre-existing robotic workflows. Robots used to handle, incubate and analyze cell assays can easily be used with CELLINJECTOR, once they are configured to incorporate the CELLINJECTOR process into the workflow.

About The BioSciences Group of Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation

The BioSciences Group of Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation is an established leader in creating innovative and reliable solutions for experimental scientists. BioSciences Group solutions enable researchers to make in silico predictions about leads, targets, and interactions, and to validate these hypotheses experimentally. BioSciences Group offerings include the CELLINJECTOR system for high-throughput, automated cellular injection, and the CAChe(TM) suite of life sciences predictive modeling and automated docking tools, for drug discovery lead-generation.

For more information, please see: us.fujitsu.com/biosciences

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Source: Biosciences Group of Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation

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