Microfluidic Interface provides PDMS chip connection.

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With PDMS Chip Interface, users can create leak-free fluidic connections to PDMS chips. Device not only minimizes downtime for microfluidic experiments, but also allows rapid changeover between different chip designs. Used with PDMS Chip Slide and Linear Connector 4-way, PDMS Chip Interface accommodates wide range of PDMS device heights, enabling users to design their own PDMS chips, which are then mounted onto PDMS Chip Slide.

Original Press Release:

Dolomite Launches New Microfluidic Interface for Quick and Reliable PDMS Chip Connection

PDMS Chip Slide with two PDMS Chip Interfaces and two Linear Connectors 4-way

Royston, UK - Microfluidics expert Dolomite has extended its world leading Multiflux® range to include an innovative PDMS Chip Interface which provides a flexible and fast solution for PDMS chip connections.

PDMS chips are frequently used for academic work due to their low cost and short
development time. However, it is often difficult and time consuming to make reliable
fluidic connections to these devices.

Dolomite's PDMS Chip Interface allows users to create reliable, quick and leak-free
fluidic connections to PDMS chips. Easy to use, the novel interface provides a flexible, time-efficient and robust solution for chips to be used outside the lab, which widens applications for PDMS chips beyond research as well as the opportunity for greater collaboration between research labs. Thanks to its outstanding sealing performance, the microfluidic device not only reduces the downtime for microfluidic experiments due to leakage issues but also allows rapid changeover between different chip designs to further increase productivity and user flexibility.

To be used with Dolomite's novel PDMS Chip Slide and Linear Connector 4-way, the
PDMS Chip Interface accommodates a wide range of PDMS device heights making it
easy for customers to design their own PDMS chips which are then mounted onto the
PDMS Chip Slide. Chip lifetimes are also extended as the connection can be made
multiple times without damage to the chip.

For further information on Dolomite's range of Multiflux® Connectors and Interfaces
as well as a complete portfolio of microfluidic products including chips, pumps, valves
and custom devices please visit www.dolomite-microfluidics.com.

The Dolomite Centre Limited

Established in 2005 as the world's first Microfluidic Application Centre, Dolomite focused on working with customers to turn their concepts for microfluidic applications into reality. Today, Dolomite is the world leader in solving microfluidic problems. With offices in the UK and US and distributors throughout the rest of the world, its clients range from universities developing leading-edge analytical equipment, to
manufacturers of chemical, life sciences and clinical diagnostics systems.

Dolomite is pioneering the use of microfluidic devices for small-scale fluid control and analysis, enabling manufacturers to develop more compact, cost-effective and powerful instruments. By combining specialist glass, quartz and ceramic technologies with knowledge of high performance microfluidics, Dolomite is able to provide solutions for a broad range of application areas including environmental monitoring, clinical diagnostics, food and beverage, nuclear, agriculture, petrochemical, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Furthermore Dolomite's in-house micro-fabrication facilities that include clean rooms and precision glass processing facilities allow to prototype and test all solutions rapidly which ensures a faster
development cycle and reduces the time to market.

For more information please visit www.dolomite-microfluidics.com.

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