MicroE Optira™ Series Encoders provide resolution up to 5nm.

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Compatible with MicroE’s linear glass scales, linear metal tape and rotary scales, MicroE Optira™ Series Encoders are embedded with A-quad-B or 1Vpp sin/cos interface options. Unit’s sensor head measures 11.4 x 13 x 3.7 mm and is available in 3.3 VDC version. Products use PurePrecision™ optical technology. Encoder’s sensor head comes with two mounting options and a FFC connector.

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Celera Motion Offers New Optira Precision Encoder

Smaller and smarter, the innovative MicroE Optira™ Series Encoders from Celera Motion is the only encoder in its class to provide a resolution of up to 5nm with all automatic gain control (AGC), interpolation, and signal processing carried out in the sensor head. Furthermore, wide alignment tolerances and patented PurePrecision™ optical technology make Optira’s miniature sensor head simple and easy to setup.

The Optira sensor head comes with two mounting options and a standard FFC connector that offers the flexibility and durability required by designers focused on compact precision motion control solutions. In addition, the Optira consumes low power, and a 3.3 VDC version is available for use in precision instruments powered by batteries. The Optira sensor head measures only 11.4 x 13 x 3.7 mm.

No additional PCBs, adapters, or dongles are necessary for the full functionality and resolution of the sensors. Optira sensors can also be universally applied with MicroE linear glass scales (to +/-1 μm/m accuracy), linear metal tape scales (to +/-5 μm/m for Optira), and rotary scales (to +/-2 arc-seconds). The interfaces options are A-quad-B or 1Vpp sin/cos.

PurePrecision technology has enabled designers of precision motion control systems in medical, semiconductor, advanced industrial and scientific applications to design smaller, lighter and more energy efficient machines and instruments. PurePrecision technology is particularly well suited for applications where the encoder is installed in controlled environments that require compact sensor size, small overall footprint and high accuracy.

About the Celera Motion

Celera Motion’s precision component and subsystem solutions solve application-specific challenges for technology-driven medical and advanced industrial original equipment manufacturers around the world. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our motion control expertise can help you Accelerate Your Innovation.

About the Celera Motion product brands

The MicroE brand of miniature precision optical encoders is available in several form factors and mounting options with incremental and absolute interfaces and resolutions up to 1.2nm. A wide selection of rotary and linear scales are available delivering accuracy up to 1μm.

Offering the highest level of design and application expertise, the Applimotion brand of direct drive motors and actuators provide a wide range of solutions that are optimized to solve its customers' motion control system challenges. Applimotion provides optimized solutions ranging from direct drive motor components to fully engineered, validated and tested products and value-add assemblies.

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