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Microcontrollers enable capacitive touch capabilities.

Press Release Summary:

Offering code-compatible upgrade path for MSP430 Value Line series, MSP430G2xx4 and G2xx5 expand memory up to 32 KB and 56 KB Flash, respectively, and up to 4 KB SRAM. Integrated capacitive touch IOs on MSP430G2xx5 devices enable developers to implement sophisticated capacitive touch capabilities like swipe, gesturing, double tap, and proximity effects within application. By utilizing high-frequency crystal input, developers can also add high bit-rate serial communications to designs.

Original Press Release:

TI Adds More Memory, Flexible Package Options and General Purpose IO Pins to Its MSP430(TM) Value Line Microcontrollers

No longer sacrifice performance for price: New MSP430G2xx4 and G2xx5 devices enable wireless and advanced capacitive touch capabilities with additional serial ports, timers and die-sized packages

DALLAS  -- Further advancing its low-cost portfolio, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today announces the expansion of the MSP430 Value Line microcontroller series with new G2xx4 and G2xx5 devices. These new devices offer a code-compatible upgrade path for TI's MSP430 Value Line series, expanding memory from 16kB up to 56kB Flash and up to 4kB SRAM, enabling customers to migrate existing solutions and support connectivity protocols such as wireless MBUS and near field communications (NFC). By combining the increased memory resources and integrated capacitive touch IOs on the MSP430G2xx5 devices, developers can implement more sophisticated capacitive touch capabilities like swipe, gesturing, double tap and proximity effects within their applications. Developers can also add reliable high bit-rate serial communications to designs by taking advantage of the G2xx4 and G2xx5 microcontrollers' high-frequency crystal input, another first for the MSP430 Value Line. For design flexibility within space-constrained applications, the new devices will be available in the MSP portfolio's smallest package, die-sized ball grid array (DSBGA). Additionally, MSP430G2xx4 and G2xx5 devices provide more GPIOs, timers and serial ports to ensure developers do not sacrifice performance for cost. For more information, please visit

MSP430 LaunchPad and software support for MSP430G2xx4 and G2xx5 microcontrollers

MSP430G2xx4 and G2xx5 microcontrollers are backed by free software resources, including the MSP430 capacitive touch sense library supporting buttons, sliders, wheels and proximity sensing, Grace(TM) software, MSP430Ware, ULP Advisor and Energia, a community-driven, open-source development platform, as well as TI's broad third party support network. Existing MSP430 LaunchPad users will also be able to take advantage of the expanded memory and IO capabilities of G2xx4 devices with a new MSP430 LaunchPad expansion board available in May.

Key features and benefits of MSP430G2xx4 and G2xx5 microcontrollers

--  Increased memory of 32kB/56kB Flash (G2xx4/G2xx5) and up to 8x more SRAM (4kB) while providing  up to 50 percent greater code density compared to standard 8-bit microcontrollers

--  Various package options, including DIP, TSSOP, QFN and DSBGA, for design flexibility

--  Support for high frequency, low parts per million (PPM) external crystal for achieving <0.1 percent clock source accuracy for reliable high bit-rate serial communications

--  Standby power of 1uA and fast wake-up time of < 1us  for ultra-low-power consumption

--  Integrated intelligent peripherals, such as 10-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), UART, comparator and serial communication, offload CPU tasks for increased power efficiency

--  MSP430 LaunchPad support with expansion board for MSP430G2xx4 devices, enabling access to TI's growing MCU LaunchPad and BoosterPack ecosystem

--  Supported by free, downloadable software debuggers and compilers, including Code Composer Studio (TM) integrated development environment (IDE), IAR Embedded Workbench and open source MSPGCC GNU

Pricing and availability

MSP430G2xx4 and G2xx5 microcontrollers are priced from $0.96/$1.12 in 10K units, and samples can be ordered today. The MSP430 LaunchPad expansion board will be available in May for $15. The MSP-TS430DA38 target board and MSP-FET430U38 Flash emulation tool are both immediately available from TI's eStore for $75 and $149, respectively.

TI's broad portfolio of MCUs and software From ultra-low-power and Value Line MSP430(TM) MCUs, to Stellaris® Cortex(TM)-M MCUs to real-time control C2000(TM) MCUs, and Hercules(TM) safety MCUs, TI offers the broadest range of microcontroller solutions. Designers can accelerate time to market by tapping into TI's complete software and hardware tools, extensive third-party offerings and technical support.

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