Micro Sample Preparation Tools deliver precision cutting.

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SliceMaster HS-1 Vertical Slicer is capable of cutting various materials in thin sections from 100-600 µm, depending on material, with variable thickness selection. Capable of cutting samples at 15° angle, HK-1 Angled Slicer handles thicknesses from 60-140 µm. Model HW-1 Multi-angle Slicer, capable of cutting samples at any angle from 45-90°, allows user to view slicing process of samples with microscope. It provides thin sections from 10-500 µm.

Original Press Release:

Precision Cutting From 10-600 µm - Slicemaster: Micro Sample Preparation Tool

Jasco Incorporated is pleased to announce the series of SliceMaster micro sample preparation tools with precision cutting of samples with the capability to provide thin sections from 10-200 µm. The SliceMaster series are a handy, compact tool that can easily create thin sections by cutting film-type or other types of samples.

The HS-1 Vertical Slicer is capable of vertically cutting samples such as polypropylene shampoo bottles - providing thin sections from 100-500 µm, multilayer paper cartons such as milk cartons or orange juice containers which can be cut to provide thin sections of 100-600 µm. Polyethylene toothpaste tubes and PET (polyethylene telephthalate) samples can be cut providing sections between 150-400 µm. Additionally, items such as polyester or other polymers used to make prepaid cards or other devices can be sliced with thicknesses of 100 μm or greater with a variable thickness selection.

Jasco also offers the HK-1 Angled Slicer which is capable of cutting samples at a 15° angle. Examples of samples include coated paper (e.g., glossy photographic paper) with thicknesses as small as 140 µm, zip lock bags (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polyimide, polyvinyl alcohol, and polyvinyl acetate) at 100 µm, hair samples with a thickness of 80 µm, and snack food bags (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polyimide, polyvinyl alcohol, and polyvinyl acetate) at 60 µm.

For greater flexibility, Jasco offers the HW-1 Multi-angle Slicer which is capable of cutting samples at any angle from 45° to 90°. Similar to the HK-1 and HS-1 SliceMaster tools, this micro sample preparation device allows the user to view the slicing process of various samples with a microscope enabling simple setup and thin section preparation. Various types of samples can be prepared with thin section thicknesses of 10-500 µm with the ability to select the desired sample thickness. All of the SliceMaster tools use simple razor blades, replacements available through Jasco. Compared with existing general-purpose sample preparation devices, the cost of the SliceMaster's main unit and replacement blades are quite reasonable and require little maintenance.

For more information on Jasco's SliceMaster micro sample preparation tools, call 800-333-5272, FAX: 410-822-7526, visit our website at www.jascoinc.com, or email us at customerservice@jascoinc.com.

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