Micro-Cutter offers light-duty pipe cleaning and reinstating.

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Designed for indoor use of commercial, industrial, and high-rise buildings where it is difficult for pneumatic access, Light Duty Electric Micro-Cutter runs at 110 V with variable speeds in variety of pipes from 2-6 in. in diameter. Foot pedal activated unit includes water injection hookup and can negotiate turns of 90°.

Original Press Release:

Nu Flow Releases Light Duty Electric Micro-Cutter

OSHAWA, ON - Nu Flow, the only small-diameter pipe lining company to manufacture all of its own epoxies, lining materials and certain specialty installation equipment, has released its latest Micro-Cutter for light duty cleaning and reinstating.

"The Light Duty Electric Micro-Cutter is perfect for going inside of the building," said Nu Flow CEO Cameron Manners. "Nu Flow is always researching and developing new products. Not only do we license and install, we also manufacture cutting edge technologies."

The Light Duty Electric Micro-Cutter from Nu Flow is designed for indoor use of commercial, industrial and high-rise buildings, where it is difficult for pneumatic access. The foot pedal activated cutter runs at 110 volts with variable speeds in a variety of pipes from 2" to 6" in diameter. It is compact, easy to use and can negotiate turns of 90 degrees.

Similar to the Pneumatic Micro-Cutter, the Light Duty Electric Micro-Cutter has a water injection hookup. The Light Duty Electric Micro-Cutter was also built to use the same cables and cutting heads, an advantage to those who already own the Pneumatic Micro-Cutter.

For use inside buildings, the Light Duty Electric Micro-Cutter is available to make light duty cleaning and reinstating easy. The Light Duty Electric Micro-Cutter is now available only through Nu Flow. Call 1-800-834-9597 for more information.

About Nu Flow

Nu Flow is the global leader for the small diameter pipe lining industry, with 300+ worldwide licensees, including a presence in every inhabited continent. The Nu Flow Companies manufacture and install innovative, non-invasive, eco-friendly technologies for the restoration of failing pipe systems. Nu Flow is the only small diameter pipe lining company to provide dual lining technologies from a single source and is master licensee for the longest time-tested small diameter lining epoxy in North America. Pipe rehabilitation applications domestically and internationally include but are not limited to residential complexes, commercial multi-story structures, industrial and government facilities, hospitality and medical facilities, oil rigs, maritime vessels and underground utilities. For more information, visit www.nuflowtech.com.

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