Mica Primer Improves the Adhesion Characteristics For Extrusion-Coating Polypropylene

December 2011, Shelton, CT (Phone: 203-922-8888, Website: www.mica-corp.com): Mica Corporation has launched several primers that impart adhesion to extrusion-coated polypropylenes. While the primer is not the only factor in improving adhesion, it plays a major role.

When extrusion coating and laminating applications require the use of polypropylene it's important to consider three major factors: process conditions, primer selection and resin. Through Mica's years of extensive research and testing they have developed the expertise to handle a wide range of situations.

"Any application that demands the use of polypropylene needs careful attention," comments Bruce Foster, technical sales manager. Some common examples include applications where elevated temperature resistance or grease resistance are important. "We work closely with each customer to review their specific process conditions. Once we understand what they are trying to achieve, under what conditions, we can help them determine the appropriate primer to achieve maximum adhesion," adds Foster.

The primers have been successful in multiple applications. In fact, converters extruding polypropylene can learn more by consulting Mica's Primer Intelligence white paper, a free resource available on Mica's web site.

Company Background

Mica Corporation specializes in aqueous products for the flexible converting industry, and is committed to providing exceptional quality and service for their customers. As a leading manufacturer of waterborne primers, coatings, and adhesives since its inception in 1971, Mica Corporation is focused on two key areas: the development of environmentally friendly products and the customers who use those products.

For more information about the innovative solutions offered by Mica Corporation, please call Bruce Foster at 203-922-8888.

For more information regarding the content of this press release or to schedule a personal interview with Mica executives, please contact KeleMarie Lyons at Pinnacle XL 414-737-6000.

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