MHF Logistical Solutions To Offer Live Demonstrations of Remote Tracking, Monitoring of New Smart Railcars

Company Also To Showcase New Packaging Products at Waste Management '06

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 22 / -- MHF Logistical Solutions Inc. (MHF-LS), a leading provider of packaging, transportation and technical services for generators and shippers of radioactive, hazardous and non- hazardous waste and materials, said today that it will offer live, real-time demonstrations of its new remote tracking and cargo monitoring service at the Waste Management Conference ( meeting in Tucson, Arizona, next week (February 26 - March 2).

The company said it will also showcase the most recent additions to its extensive line of packaging products for radioactive waste and other types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and materials.

The annual Waste Management Conference is the nuclear waste management industry's premier event. MHF-LS has long been a financial and program supporter of the conference.

The new remote railcar tracking and cargo monitoring service incorporates MHF-LS-operated railcars equipped with long-life, battery-operated wireless devices and monitoring equipment. The service enables MHF-LS and its clients to track exact locations and operating status of railcars in use across North America, as well as the condition of their contents. The wireless devices incorporate global positioning satellite (GPS) technology linked to MHF-LS' systems.

Participants at the Waste Management Conference will be able to watch actual deployment of the remote tracking and diagnostic systems.

"We're excited to be offering our new asset-tracking capabilities at the Waste Management Conference. We believe the technology will be a powerful catalyst for our clients' ability to improve operational efficiencies," said Rick Zink, MHF-LS executive vice president. "It's especially appropriate to spotlight the smart railcars service in Tucson. We were pioneers in making rail a viable option for the safe and economical transportation of radioactive materials. Now, through innovation, we're adding to the attractiveness of rail for a wide range of shippers."

MHF-LS' packaging unit, meanwhile, will be exhibiting new packaging and container options now available for low-level radioactive materials.

One new product to be displayed is a 20-foot, IP-1 heavy-duty, side- loading container designed for facilities without cranes or loading ramps. The container -- now in use at a Department of Energy facility in the Southwest to load and ship TRU-characteristic waste stored in drums -- can be easily loaded by a small forklift. It can be modified to accommodate various blocking and bracing systems, as well as various engineered hold-down or lock-down systems. MHF-LS manufactures lining systems to fit the new container.

Another packaging product for exhibition in Tucson is MHF-LS' new HexPack packaging product. It is UN/USDOT approved, 4G packaging available in five gallon to 55 gallon capacities, and designed for use in laboratories or medical facilities where small quantities of hazardous materials must be prepared for removal and disposal.

MHF Logistical Solutions Inc. ( designs and implements engineered packaging and transportation solutions for clients in a wide range of industries and governmental agencies. The company provides transportation services for all types of bulk solid, bulk liquid, packaged material and cargo, combining rail, truck and marine conveyance systems as necessary, from any origin to any destination in the world. MHF-LS is particularly noted for its expertise in transporting hazardous, toxic and radioactive waste (HTRW) materials, and for its ability to develop programs that are safe, economical and reliable.

The company utilizes a fleet of private railcars and intermodal equipment, including more than 1,700 railcars and associated equipment, and more than 3,000 intermodal containers, as well as other specialized equipment. MHF-LS also manufactures various rigid and flexible packaging systems for all types of materials.

The company handles intermodal and bulk transfers for its North American clients at facilities in Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Tennessee and Utah, along with a network of other short-term or temporary transload sites. MHF-LS also offers extensive transportation-related technical services through a dedicated business unit.

MHF-LS is based in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, suburb of Cranberry Township. The company may be reached at 724.772.9800, or

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