Mezzanine Card is suited for signalling applications.

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With mid-size AdvancedMC form factor, Model KosaiPM enables addition of control and packet processing capability to AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA systems. Hot-swappable product features Pentium M processor operating up to 1.8 GHz, 2 MB of Level 2 cache, 2 GB of DDR SDRAM with ECC, and USB 2.0 and RS-232 interfaces. Module also has on-board storage interface, PCI Express and dual Gbit Ethernet interfaces, and 1 GB of flash memory.

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Emerson Leads the Way with Mid-Size Advanced Mezzanine Card

New mid-size form factor enhances flexibility, reliability, and ease of use in AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA systems

MADISON, WI; October 26, 2006 -- Emerson Network Power's (NYSE: EMR) new Embedded Computing business, formerly Artesyn Communication Products, today announced a mid-size Advanced Mezzanine Card. The new mid-size KosaiPM module makes it easy to add reliable, high-performance control and packet processing capability to MicroTCA systems, AdvancedTCA blades, and custom carrier blades equipped with AdvancedMC sites.

The mid-size AdvancedMC form factor, expected to be approved by PICMG in November, enhances flexibility, reliability, and ease of use for both AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA systems. For AdvancedMCs plugged onto an ATCA carrier, the new mid-size form factor provides additional room for front panel LEDs and I/O on the carrier, which makes it easier for field service personnel to monitor and service rack-mounted ATCA blades. The new mid-size form factor also provides enhanced connector reliability and simplifies the integration of AdvancedMC modules into MicroTCA systems.

"AdvancedMC's versatility makes it ideal for both ATCA mezzanine expansion and as a standalone blade for MicroTCA systems," said Thanh Nguyen, manager of product management at Emerson. "The new mid-size form factor enhances AdvancedMC reliability, flexibility and usability, which should accelerate widespread acceptance of ATCA, AdvancedMC, and MicroTCA technologies. As an active member of PICMG's ATCA, AdvancedMC, and MicroTCA committees, and an early adopter of all three technologies, Emerson will continue to champion and deliver enhancements to open platforms that help TEMs get to market faster with cost-effective, best-of-breed infrastructure equipment."

The KosaiPM is a hot-swappable, Pentium-based, mid-size AdvancedMC card optimized for optical and wireless infrastructure systems, voice gateways, and SS7/SIGTRAN signaling systems that require high-speed control, protocol and packet processing. The low-power module, which consumes a third less power than competitive modules, features a Pentium M processor operating at speeds of up to 1.8 GHz, two Mbytes of Level 2 cache, up to two Gbytes of DDR SDRAM with ECC, a USB 2.0 interface, and a front panel RS-232 console interface.

The KosaiPM's high-speed AdvancedMC interface combines dual Gigabit Ethernet channels with a 1 x 8 or 2 x 4 PCI Express interface. The KosaiPM also features an I2C-based Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), which enables the module to be monitored and controlled by remote shelf management controllers. Mass storage support includes an on-board storage interface, which gives the KosaiPM access to Serial-ATA (SATA) hard drives residing on either the carrier card, in other AdvancedMC bays, or MicroTCA system. The KosaiPM also features one Gbyte of flash memory, which enables it to boot and run large applications from flash.

Software support for the KosaiPM includes Carrier Grade Linux. The mid-size, RoHS-compliant KosaiPM will be available in Q4 2006.

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