Methyl Acetate is offered as replacement for acetone.

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Suitable for industrial cleaning and surface preparation, non-HAP Methyl Acetate is VOC-exempt and biodegradable. Its hydrophobic characteristics are critical where moisture-related problems can damage or corrode parts, and also help cleaning solutions maintain efficiency when in contact with water. Active, miscible solvent can be used alone or in blended systems for coatings formulations including wood, aerosol, automotive coatings, and printing inks.

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Eastman Offers Non-HAP, VOC-exempt Replacement for Acetone

Kingsport, Tenn. (January 24, 2005) - To help meet customer demand for alternatives to acetone, Eastman Chemical Company offers Eastman Methyl Acetate, a non-HAP, VOC-exempt replacement. Methyl acetate has a higher flash point than acetone and also offers hydrophobic properties, resulting in improved cost and performance benefits over acetone in some applications. Compatible with a broad range of resin systems, Eastman Methyl Acetate is suitable for coatings formulations including wood, aerosol and automotive coatings and printing inks, as well as for industrial cleaning, surface preparation and cosmetic applications. "Eastman Methyl Acetate offers customers versatility, product performance and production benefits, while allowing them to achieve regulatory compliance," says Ranae Anderson, senior technical service representative at Eastman Chemical Company. "We work closely with formulators to develop the best course of action to balance cost, performance and regulatory needs." A technical tip, including reformulation tables, on effectively replacing acetone with Eastman Methyl Acetate can be found on For Use in Industrial Cleaning and Surface Preparation Used alone or in blended systems, Eastman Methyl Acetate offers a number of environmental and performance benefits in industrial cleaning and surface preparation applications. In addition to being VOC-exempt, methyl acetate is readily biodegradable, helping formulators develop environmentally friendly cleaners without sacrificing performance. The hydrophobic nature of methyl acetate is critical in cleaning and surface preparation where moisture-related problems can damage or corrode parts, leading to defects or rejects. Its hydrophobic characteristics also help cleaning solutions maintain their efficiency when in contact with water. Its excellent solvent activity and higher density make it particularly effective at removing heavier contaminants. For Use in Coatings Eastman Methyl Acetate is an active, miscible solvent in a wide range of resins. Fast evaporating and low odor, it is particularly beneficial in automotive and furniture applications, where fast solvent release and quick dry-to-touch time are needed. Eastman Methyl Acetate provides performance benefits in aerosol and other moisture-sensitive coatings (2-K polyurethane, e.g.) due to its low tendency to attract moisture. This reduces surface blush and defects that can occur in coatings applied under humid conditions, and also helps extend the shelf stability of coatings systems, reducing product waste. Eastman Methyl Acetate also has a lower maximum incremental reactivity (MIR) value than that of acetone, allowing formulators to meet the strict California MIR guidelines. Eastman Coatings For more than 70 years, Eastman has been a leading provider of high-quality raw materials and services for the global paint and coatings industry. Today, Eastman provides a comprehensive portfolio of solvents, coalescents, cellulose esters, adhesion promoters and resin intermediates used in conventional, high-solids, waterborne and powder coatings for architectural, automotive and industrial applications. With its in-depth understanding of the coatings market and technology-based innovation, Eastman is helping customers meet the demands of a dynamic regulatory environment and deliver value, creating solutions to the changing market needs. In providing world-class technical service, Eastman demonstrates its commitment to helping its customers deliver the most cost-effective solutions to meet the challenging performance and environmental requirements in today's marketplace. Visit Eastman's website at for more information about Eastman's offerings for the coatings industry. Eastman Headquartered in Kingsport, Tenn., Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE:EMN) manufactures and markets chemicals, plastics and fibers worldwide. The company has approximately 12,000 employees and had 2003 sales of US$5.8 billion. For more information about Eastman and its products, visit

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