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STARS v5.1 (Structured Technique to Achieve Rapid Solution) business-centric methodology guides users in all aspects of implementation procedure and provides framework by which business practices can be examined and re-energized to maximize overall operational efficiency. It consists of 4 manuals that focus on mapping IMPACT Encore to business flows. Software offers templates for financials, sales and distribution, procurement, and manufacturing.

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Syspro Group Re-Engineers STARS Implementation Methodology to Focus on Business Processes

COSTA MESA, Calif. - May 17, 2002 -- The Syspro Group said it has completely re-engineered and expanded its unique STARS (Structured Technique to Achieve Rapid Solution) Implementation Methodology. Often singled out by industry analysts and consultants as the best implementation tool in the small-to-mid-market arena, the STARS Library has been totally rewritten to enable businesses to use the implementation of IMPACT Encore as the foundation for streamlining all business processes. The STARS Implementation Methodology is a highly structured, business-centric methodology that guides implementers in all aspects of the implementation procedure and provides a framework by which business practices can be examined and re-energized to maximize overall operational efficiency.

"By helping a firm to maximize all resources within the organization, the new STARS Methodology, STARS 5.1, produces an even more rapid ROI," says Joey Benadretti, vice-president, Syspro Group, Americas.

STARS 5.1 consists of four separate manuals that focus on mapping IMPACT Encore to business flows. STARS 5.1 offers templates for such major functional areas as financials,
sales and distribution, procurement, manufacturing and numerous others involved in a manufacturing or distribution environment. A new volume even suggests successful selling techniques, giving firms the wherewithal to take a fresh approach to sales.

STARS 5.1 makes IMPACT Encore software the concentric framework by which a business can enhance flexibility and responsiveness, break down barriers between functional departments and eliminate the duplication of efforts. STARS also helps the customer to
maximize the continuing utilization of IMPACT Encore by providing, as it were, an "audit trail" upon which additional functionality and procedures can be built.

According to Benadretti, "Many businesses simply fail to examine their existing business processes at the time new software is being implemented. They attempt to 'lay' the new software on top of existing procedures and, therefore, expectations may not be fully realized.

"Any implementation process has to have a starting point - a foundation. The more solid the foundation, the better the chance to maximize utilization of the new software. Typically, this foundation is established via an internal audit, where the totality of existing business processes is noted and detailed, including the roles and responsibilities of individuals. With this audit as a starting point, business process re-engineering can be maximized. STARS provides the guidelines for such an audit. It defines existing business processes; it identifies "broken" processes that require "repair"; and it proposes new processes."

Syspro's IMPACT Encore is a fully integrated, modular enterprise system. IMPACT Encore optimizes the abilities of single and multi-site manufacturers (repetitive, custom, quick-turn and mixed mode) and distributors. It offers outstanding price/performance and balance of functionality. More than 40 application modules cover financial controls, sales, purchasing,
inventory control, MRP/production control, forecasting, distribution, Advanced Planning, Scheduling & Execution and CRM, enabling firms to tailor solutions specific to their requirements. IMPACT Encore supports Microsoft SQL and runs on Windows® 2000, NT and 98, UNIX and Novell.

The Syspro Group, established in 1978, is a world leader in providing manufacturing, distribution and financial accounting software solutions with thousands of installations in more
than 50 countries. Syspro is one of the world's most honored software companies. Recent milestones include: Number One Rating in 2002 Middle Market ERP Software Survey Conducted by Accounting Research/K2 Enterprises; Recipient of START Magazine's First Annual Vision Award (2001) and "Hottest Company" designation for three years; Named Finalist for Developer of Year (2002) by Software Council of Southern California; Ranked Among World's Top 100 Software Companies by MSI Magazine, Managing Automation Magazine and Software Magazine; and Given Highest Ratings in Accounting and Manufacturing Software Reviews by CPA Software News for ten consecutive years.

Syspro Group software is marketed worldwide through regional territory distribution centers in the U.S., Canada, Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia and the U.K.

Syspro headquarters for the Americas are located in Costa Mesa, Calif., from which the company markets its IMPACT Encore supply chain software to emerging companies in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. or email

For additional information, please contact Stan Goodrich at 714/437-1000.

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