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Metalworking Vacuum safeguards employees.

Press Release Summary:

IW 2050 enables workers to pick up heavy metal scraps and metalworking fluids (MWF) with little danger of escaping aerosols. Once metal pieces enter vacuum, they fall directly to bottom of collection container, while MWFs are suspended in airflow. Resulting hazardous aerosols are trapped by filtration system comprised of open-cell urethane foam filter and oil-absorbent pad.

Original Press Release:

Metalworking Vacuum Found To Safeguard Employee Health and Extend Equipment Life

MALVERN, Pennsylvania, February 11, 2002 - Collecting metal scraps poses a potential health hazard to fabricated metal workers due to the oils, lubricants, and coolants that must be collected with the metal. Once picked up by an industrial vacuum cleaner, these metalworking fluids (MWFs) emit harmful aerosols that may contaminate the working environment, damage nearby equipment, and make floors slippery. Nilfisk-Advance America's innovative IW 2050 vacuum solves all of these metalworking challenges, enabling workers to efficiently pick up heavy metal scraps and MWFs with little danger of escaping aerosols.

Nilfisk-Advance designed the IW 2050's filtration system specifically for the safe pick-up of metal shavings during the metal removal process, changeout, and general housekeeping. Once metal pieces enter the IW 2050 vacuum cleaner, they fall directly to the bottom of the collection container. Any MWFs picked up with the metal are suspended in the airflow. The resulting hazardous aerosols are trapped by an advanced filtration system, comprised of an open-cell urethane foam filter and an oil-absorbent pad.

"In metalworking facilities, occupational safety is not just a vague industry buzz phrase," said Paul Miller, Director of Operations for Nilfisk-Advance America. "It's very real - and plant managers take the health and safety of their worker's seriously. We're thrilled to provide metalworking professionals with a vacuum cleaner that isn't just a 'shop-vac;' the IW 2050 is designed exclusively for them, to solve their particular challenges."

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About Nilfisk-Advance America
Nilfisk-Advance America helps its industrial manufacturing customers meet their individual cleaning requirements and challenges with an extensive range of high-performance vacuum systems. From its Malvern, Pa. headquarters, Nilfisk-Advance America offers specialty vacuums for cleanroom and manufacturing applications that demand "absolute" air purity and facility cleanliness; and for heavy-duty industrial applications that require maximum suction power. Equipped with industry-specific features and filtration systems, the company's vacuums ensure dust- and debris-free facilities in the food, pharmaceutical/biotech, semiconductor, metalworking, powder coatings, and other industries.

About Nilfisk-Advance A/S
Dust and particle collection specialists since 1910, Nilfisk-Advance America's parent company, Nilfisk-Advance A/S, manufactures a complete line of industrial vacuum cleaners, sweepers, scrubbers, and other professional cleaning equipment. The company's products ensure a safe environment in schools, hotels, food and beverage factories, warehouses, hospitals, iron and metalworking facilities, and other commercial and industrial facilities.

An electronic, high-resolution photo of the IW 2050 is available. Please contact Jennifer Kurowski at or 610.269.2100, X 229.

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