Metalworking Fluids target tube and pipe industry.

Press Release Summary:

Providing solvent/oil based rust protection used neat, CIMMILL RP 365 leaves protective film residue for over 1 year of corrosion protection. CIMMILL RP 24-7 water-based rust inhibitor, providing up to 1 year indoor corrosion protection, is VOC-free and meets SCAQMD Rule 1144 standards. Developed to rid sumps of biofilms and built-up debris, CIMMILL SC alkaline sump cleaner provides clean environment for new fluids. CIMMILL 5 straight-oil is chlorine-free and designed for cold pilgering operations.

Original Press Release:

CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology Announces CIMMILL(TM) Product Line Expansion

Cincinnati, Ohio—CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology announces an expansion of the successful CIMMILL line of products for tube and pipe customers. “The CIMMILL line was released in February 2012 to better serve the Tube and Pipe market” stated Bruce Koehler, Sr. Product Manager for CIMCOOL Fluid Technology. “The CIMMILL line was formulated for processors to get better thread quality, longer die and tool life, as well as other performance attributes our customers expect from CIMCOOL products. When customers started using our CIMMILL Fluids, they asked if we had products for their other applications. These customers were already seeing more productivity and thought that they could benefit further from our technology.”

The CIMMILL Fluid Line expansion includes:

CIMMILL RP 365 – solvent / oil based rust protection used neat. This product will provide over a year corrosion protection and leaves a protective film residue.

CIMMILL RP 24-7 – this water based rust inhibitor is used as-supplied and provides up to a year indoor corrosion protection. This protective fluid is “VOC-free” and meets the tough standards set forth by the California South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 1144.

CIMMILL SC – an alkaline sump cleaner was developed to rid sumps of biofilms and built-up debris. It is perfect for cleaning sumps prior to charge-ups and helps provide a clean environment for new fluids.

CIMMILL 5 – a straight-oil designed for tough cold pilgering operations. This unique product is chlorine-free, but offers the performance that usually requires extreme pressure lubricants to achieve.

“We are excited about the CIMMILL product line initial success and the benefits for our customers that frankly our competitors cannot provide. These additions supplement an already good product line and make it stronger. We knew the Tube and Pipe industry would benefit from having fluids with better performance, especially considering the growth of natural gas exploration in the United States,” said Koehler.

As with all CIMCOOL products, the new CIMMILL line is backed by the Companyʼs No-Hassle Product Guarantee, Technical Support, and offer of a Free Product Trial.

For additional information about these and other CIMCOOL products, please visit our website at, and click on the MSDS and Product Information menu. CIMCOOL Fluid Technology is a global manufacturer of metalworking fluids. The company is certified ISO 14001, ISO 9001. Pink Trade Dress is a registered trademark of Milacron LLC

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