Metalworking Fluid exhibits bio and chemical stability.

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Formulated for use in heavy-duty machining applications over wide range of materials, Blasocut® BC940 provides bio-chemical stability and extended sump life, without use of bactericides, while maintaining environmental health and safety. Optimized washing action and low misting properties contribute to machine and shop cleanliness. Suitable for use in hard or soft water, Blasocut® BC940 provides foam control in moderate to high coolant pressure applications.

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Blaser Swisslube Introduces Blasocut® BC940

GOSHEN, New York - Blaser Swisslube Inc. premier manufacture of Swiss quality metalworking fluids is pleased to announce the release of Blasocut® BC940. Blasocut® BC940 is formulated with the latest in state of the art metalworking fluid components. Blasocut® emulsions provide excellent bio-chemical stability and long sump life. This is due to the unique bio-concept of Blasocut® emulsions and is accomplished without the use of bactericides, while maintaining a high level of environmental health and safety.

Blasocut® BC940 provides high cutting performance and long tool life in exotic alloys and is formulated for use in heavy duty machining applications over a wide range of materials.

Blasocut® BC940 has excellent washing action and low misting properties, thus providing a high level of machine and shop cleanliness. Blasocut® BC940 exhibits excellent bio and chemical stability and is formulated for use in hard or soft water. Blasocut® BC940 provides good foam control in moderate to high coolant pressure applications.

Blaser Swisslube is a globally active company in the metalworking fluid sector. The independent and family-owned Swiss company was founded in 1936 and has since grown from a small business into a global player, employing over 500 people worldwide. Today, in the USA, a team of 40 co-workers collaborate with about 50 national distributors to ensure good product availability and a professional level of customer support. With these subsidiaries and representative offices, Blaser Swisslube is able to provide a high level of customer service as well as remain close to its customers in 60 countries. Blaser Swisslube develops, produces and sells high-quality cutting and grinding fluids. Blaser’s liquid tool® is used worldwide with great success to produce a wide range of products, from the tiniest of components for the watchmaking industry, to human implants for the medical field. Aircraft and aerospace companies have been successfully manufacturing flight critical and structural components for many years with Blaser
Swisslube metalworking fluids. Blaser provides a wide range of products which meet many aerospace approvals and specifications. For more information on how Blaser Swisslube can boost your shops productivity, please visit

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