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Metals Testing System identifies wear and corrosion.

Press Release Summary:

Aug 28, 2014 - When placed on chemically treated test medium, one drop from Acustrip Metals Test® identifies presence and degree (ppm) of metals associated with wear and corrosion – copper, iron, and nickel – within 1 min.  Each metal has its own section on test medium, and regular use lets technicians and operators trend wear on engines and equipment component parts; abnormal presence of metals would lead to immediate corrective action. Product is designed for field use.

Original Press Release

Acustrip Introduces the Acustrip Metals Test®

Press release date: Aug 21, 2014

(Denville, NJ) Ron Schornstein, President and Founder of Acustrip today announced the formal introduction of the Acustrip Metals Test® which will easily identify the presence of metals associated with wear and corrosion; Copper, Iron and Nickel .   A drop of fluid is placed on a chemically treated test medium and the results – presence of and degree (ppm) – are identified within a minute.  Each metal has its own section on the test medium.

“The Acustrip Metals Test® has numerous applications and we know that the markets are receptive to a quick, effective and efficient test,” stated Schornstein.   He elaborated, “Up to this point, fluid analysis was completed in a laboratory or with expensive equipment not available to a broad range of operators and service technicians.   The Acustrip Metals Test® reveals the presence and degree of common wear metals and is designed for field use.   We are working in a number of markets including: mining, marine, construction, gensets, automotive and commercial.   The respons has been significantly positive.”

When used regularly, The Acustrip Metals Test® will allow technicians and operators to trend wear on engines and equipment component parts.    Any abnormal presence of the metals would lead to immediate corrective action

The results are less maintenance costs, higher operating efficiencies and increase in engine and component life.

Schornstein added, “We believe that the Acustrip Metals Test® will be incorporated into routine maintenance schedules worldwide.   The value of the product is significant, particularly when laboratory testing is inaccessible or cost / time prohibitive.”

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Founded in 1987, Acustrip has a well deserved reputation as the manufacturer and provider of America’s best coolant test strips.   Acustrip also manufactures diagnostic test strips for brake, power steering, water quality and DEF tests.    Acustrip currently manufactures a number of products for OEM distribution and has been approved by major auto and equipment manufacturers.

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