Metalizing Ceramics are available for beryllium oxide discs.

Press Release Summary:

Thick-film metalizing and sputtered thin-film metalized patterns are available for company's line of BeO discs, discs with flats, washers, and heat sinks. Thick-film metalizing techniques include screen printing, spraying, and roller coating. Sputtered thin-film metalized patterns permit tightly spaced lines to be applied to fired ceramic substrate. Patters use molybdenum-manganese refractory metal composition. Typical thicknesses are 100 to 1,000 micro in.

Original Press Release:

Thick-Film and Thin-Film Metalizing Ceramics Available from American Beryllia

American Beryllia Corporation, a leading worldwide manufacturer and distributor of BeO ceramics, has announced availability of thick-film metalizing and sputtered thin-film metalized patterns on their complete line of beryllium oxide discs, discs with flats, washers and standard configuration heat sinks.

A variety of thick-film metalizing techniques inclusive of screen printing, spraying, roller coating, and hard application can be applied to fired ceramics to provide a bonding surface for subsequent attachment of clips or metal parts such as circuit leads, flanges, heat spreaders, seal rings, etc. Sputtered thin-film metalized patterns, which permit very tightly spaced lines to be applied to a fired ceramic substrate are also available to meet special application needs such as microwave circuits.

A molybdenum-manganese refractory metal composition is primarily used and must be sintered at high temperature (1400°C) before subsequent processing. Typical thicknesses for fired metalizations are 100 to 1000 micro inches (2.5 to 25 microns).

For more information, call 973-248-8080, FAX: 973-248-8012, visit or write American Beryllia Corporation, 16 First Avenue, Haskell, NJ 07420.

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